BLOGVEMBER DAY 8- Blogs I’m Loving #2

BLOGS I AM LOVING- love, laughs, lipstick Colourubold, laurzrah, pint sized beauty, a cup of jo Lauralivinglife

When I’m not blogging, I genuinely love reading other people’s blogs. I of course gear towards bloggers who have the near enough the same niche as myself but I do also like reading other bloggers content that are not beauty, lifestyle and parented related. Not to sound like a broken cliche but I very much […]

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jaclyn hill ride or die tag

Youtube sensation Jaclyn Hill came up with the cool Ride or Die Makeup Tag. I remember watching her video and halfway through I drifted off because I was too busy think “SH** this tag is kinda hard for me”. I have far too many makeup, but whatever I end up throwing in my makeup bag […]

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Being a blogger I am always at any given opportunity taking pictures, either on my phone or camera. Most of the pictures obviously contain content for my blog but 70% of it is of my son. Although with technology being so good these days that I can just take a pic and go and print them […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 4-Morphe 35O Palette Review with Swatches


A palette that contains an array of 35 different colour shades at the cost of £21, can’t possibly be highly pigmented, smooth like butter and have a lasting power of over 10 hours + (with a good primer of course) surely? YOU HAVE NO CLUE! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 3- The Couple Next Door book review

The couple next door book review

Guys have you ever bought and read a book that literally took you from your real life and engorged you into their reality right to the very last page!? Well if you haven’t, I have got the book that will have you avoiding all social media, ignoring family and friends and just about remembering to […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 1- Zoella Sweet Inspiration Body Mist

Zoella Sweet Inspiration Body Mist

One more month to Christmas! Damn I literally remember just starting my blog in late January and it’s nearly the end of the year. Now I’m not sure how many people partake in BLOGVEMBER but I can already see how busy I will be in December and would not be able to dedicate myself to […]

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September Favourites

I am so done with sounding like a broken record, with the continuous, “OMG where has the time gone, its nearly Christmas”. I know its gone fast, you know its gone fast, lets get on with my September favourites 😉 L’Oreal True Match Baby Babyyyyy, you don’t understand how gassed I am to find not […]

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MAC Eyeshadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette Review

I don’t know why, but of late I have been experimenting with so many eye shadow palette. I am a basic bitch when it comes to eye shadows and always like to keep it simple and neutral. But I want to switch it up gradually and start branching out with bigger bolder colours. But in […]

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Benefit Brow Collection

Only us girls know the struggle when it comes to our damn brows! Looking back at pictures of my brows before it became a worldwide beauty cult is beyond disgraceful! Like did I actually think I looked cute? Eww! Me and my brows don’t get along full stop. We aint twins, we are not sisters, […]

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