BLOGVEMBER DAY 3- The Couple Next Door book review

The couple next door book review

Guys have you ever bought and read a book that literally took you from your real life and engorged you into their reality right to the very last page!? Well if you haven’t, I have got the book that will have you avoiding all social media, ignoring family and friends and just about remembering to have a glass of water let alone food.

Now I haven’t written a book review since like Year 3 in school, so I will try my hardest not to ruin it for you and also give you reason for why you need to pick up this instant New York Times bestseller.

The couple next door book review by Shari Lapena

Anne and Marco Conti are invited by neighbours to a dinner party. Their neighbours wife wants to have a adult swanky dinner party and have told Anne and Marco that children are not welcome. Leaving their beautiful baby Cora sleeping, while they go and party next door, something really bad happens. With the police and detective trying to unravel what has happened, suspicion straight away focuses on the parents, but the reality and the truth of the story is way more sinister than expected.

Detective Rasbach knows that the couple are not fully telling the truth and are hiding something, and Anne and Marco also realise that they have both being keeping secrets from one another for a very long time.

The Couple Next Door takes you through a nerve racking tale of the unravelling of a family which lies with deception, duplicity and unfaithfulness that will have you gasping till the last final twist.

The couple next door book review by Shari Lapena

I cannot express to you how much this book really took hold of me from the get go. I was automatically invested into the characters from page one and was so determined to get to the bottom of this psychological thriller mystery. As a mother I couldn’t help but put myself in the shoes of Anne and get incessantly annoyed when I felt questions were not being answered.

What I loved about this book is that is was written into the different point of views of the characters. It felt like I was reading a real dialogue from each person and not just the author telling a fictional story. Its written in a way that the character is not only expressing how they feel, they are explaining to you their actions, and thoughts on other characters behaviour and reasoning.

Listen I always thought people who say they read a book in a whole sitting, are chatting absolute BULL, but it’s not a joke and is definitely believable, thanks to this book. I didn’t finish it all in one sitting as unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of just lounging around. But I did finish it in one day.

The couple next door book review

When a book has you questioning your own morals, has you thinking what would you do in that situation and most importantly has you second guessing how well you know your loved ones in real life then that book is a straight 5* in my opinion.

I highly recommend you to give this book a read. If you love books that are not straightforward and have you going back and forth with your predictions then The Couple Next Door is for you.

You can get The Couple Next Door in hardback cover from Waterstones retailing at £12.99

Have you read this book and what are your opinions? Also what books would you recommend that are worth reading. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “BLOGVEMBER DAY 3- The Couple Next Door book review

  1. Laura, this book sounds soooooo juicy! I am loving reading at the moment and am reading ‘Bared To You’ by Sylvia Day which is part of a series. This sounds gripping though and defo something I’d like to read!

    Shannon //

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