SIX Psychological Thriller Books You Need To Read This A/W Season

psychological thriller books to read this autumn and winter 2017

Its technically officially Autumn (my favourite season) and its time for me to go in full snuggle mode. Its around this time of the year when I like to make my room over and make it as cosy and warm as possible. The best part of the colder months is I have legitimate reason to […]

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Kingdom of You*

kingdom of you book review

I love Lost My Name. Just ask my son he will also confirm that for you too. I was introduced to Lost My Name when they kindly reached out to me about their 2016 Best Selling picture book Lost My Name. I was gifted the book for my son Ethan, which involve the story of […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 3- The Couple Next Door book review

The couple next door book review

Guys have you ever bought and read a book that literally took you from your real life and engorged you into their reality right to the very last page!? Well if you haven’t, I have got the book that will have you avoiding all social media, ignoring family and friends and just about remembering to […]

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Why I Have No Friends

“OMG that is so true… Let me call Lu…” Oh that’s right I have no friends. Now honestly I’m not looking for sympathy or emotional support, because I have truly gotten over it. But the reality is when you have a child you end up losing friends. I remember when I got pregnant with Splod […]

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February Favourites

Honestly it looks like 2016 is going to breeze by this year. I just remember doing my January favourites! (Or maybe my life is so dry?) But I’m happy either way as I get to share with you guys my favourites of this month. From starting my blog I’ve really noticed that I have, and […]

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Things I’ve given my baby when changing his nappy.

Your looking at the title and thinking… ‘So there was really nothing else to blog about Laura, No?’ I’m sorry but it’s just something that has been going through my mind for a few days and being the humorous clown I am, I thought I would share it with you lovely understanding beauties!! Now I […]

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