Kingdom of You*

kingdom of you book review

I love Lost My Name. Just ask my son he will also confirm that for you too. I was introduced to Lost My Name when they kindly reached out to me about their 2016 Best Selling picture book Lost My Name. I was gifted the book for my son Ethan, which involve the story of a little child who wakes up and realises they have lost their name, and go on a journey to try and get it back. The book was perfect as it helped my son learn the shapes of his name. Its definitely a bed time favourite for him and his big smile fills up my heart every time I point out his name.

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But its only gone and got bigger and better, and I’m now reading two books before bedtime for him. You see, Lost My Name, were sweet enough to send me their new book called Kingdom of You.

Kingdom of you is another beautifully personalised story book, all about your child’s favourite things. If your child loves pizza, dinosaurs, chicken or princesses, each reader is thrown in their own personalised fantasy kingdom. Everything in their dream kingdom is named after the child and the book becomes their personal quest to clean it up after an unforgettable adventure!

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My son is obsessed. He is quite vain (if i do say so myself) and loves seeing his name all of the book and its quite uncanny how much the character actually resembles him. I say ‘who’s Ethan?’ and he confidently points at the character. He loves seeing all the animals in the book and he LOVES chicken!


The book is designed lovely, with great clear quality pictures, its so easy for a child to get lost into the book. The story has a lovely flow and is very relatable to how a child would probably think and behave in such an adventure,

With the book, you can have a personalised dedication in the first page. So you can write a heartfelt message for your child, nephew, niece, grandchild etc. You can get the book for all events, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter or even just too simply buy them a nice colourful book for them to have for keepsakes.

The process is Easy Peasy. All you have to do is go onto the Lost My Name website, and it easily directs you on how to create the book. You have the option of three different book covers. It is free shipping and can be shipped to 136 countries. The book is also offered in different languages including, English, French, German and Spanish.


What is your favourite children book to read to your child?


* I was kindly gifted this book. All opinions and views are of my own

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