Zoeva Rose Golden Volume II Eye Brush Sets Review

Zoeva rose golden volume 2 eye brush set review | Lauralivinglife.com

I have been eyeing up the Zoeva Rose Golden Volume II brushes for a hot minute now. So when the hubs gifted it to me for Christmas, I was ecstatic. Opening it up as if it was something ever so fragile, I was instantly in love when I saw and felt them in the flesh! […]

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Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick: Review and Swatches

Jouer cosmetics long wear lip cream liquid lipstick review- lauralivinglife.com

It goes without saying that I own way too much lipsticks, but out of all the things I use when doing my makeup, putting lipsticks on my lips is my favourite part. We use our mouth everyday (don’t be vulgar NOW) and its most probably the first thing we look at when interacting with others. […]

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Full Face using MAC Cosmetics Products

full face using MAC Products

Mac Cosmetics was the first ever high end brand that I lay my hands on. It was a lipstick that I literally used every day and got hooked onto MAC ever since. If your like me who is all about full coverage, whether dressed down or glammed up; then MAC will always have your back. […]

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My Eyeshadow Palette Collection


Remember how you used to do your eyeshadow in high school? Using the brightest of colours with some cheap brush and just slapping that product on your lids without a second thought of blending!? (hoping it’s not just me). My eyeshadow was so simple and plain awful, but luckily over the years I have practised […]

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December New Buys

December New Buys- Lauralivinglife.com

Its two thousand and freaking seventeen Yalllll! I don’t mean to be all holy art thou and preachy, but lets just bow and pray that this year is fully blessed and nowhere as dreadful as all the upsetting events of 2016. I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and got super drunk on new years […]

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December Favourites

December Favourites

So considering I have been banging on about how its nearly the end of the year since flipping February. You would think I would at least remember that instead of doing a December favourites, I should of done a 2016 favourites. Please Excuse my stupidness! But to be honest most of my 2016 favourites you […]

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Hey Guys, Today sparks the beginning of a brand new year and as we all step into the new year, with new ideas, prospects and self change, I just wanted to write a letter to myself in 2016. You are not obliged to read this, as I am just pretty much talking candidly to myself. […]

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Swarovski Zirconia Entwined Pendant- Christmas Gift*

Swarovski zirconia entwined pendant

Good Grief 4 days left to Christmas, and hands up if you are still rushing to get last minute gifts!? HAHA not me! I’m all good to go, but for you guys and girls who are still struggling and scraping to think of gifts to get your loved ones, don’t worry Laura is here to […]

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New Eyebrow Trend of 2017-Microblading: Karen Betts


There is no denying eyebrows have taken the world by storm. Just about everyone obsesses over having top notch brows. If our brows don’t come out right, frankly thats our whole day ruined (well for me anyway!… Yes, Yes, I am quite superficial lol). I get so fed up with my brows at times and […]

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I like Christmas, but I never got super excited about it the more I got older. You just kind of lose that festive spark after a while, or at least in my case I did. Now I’m a mum, my love for Christmas has come back again, thanks to my son. I get so excited […]

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