Things I’ve given my baby when changing his nappy.

Your looking at the title and thinking… ‘So there was really nothing else to blog about Laura, No?’ I’m sorry but it’s just something that has been going through my mind for a few days and being the humorous clown I am, I thought I would share it with you lovely understanding beauties!!

Now I know I’m not the only mother with an… *Cough, Cough* Hmm how do I put it? “Over active child”. Baby Splod would Sh** all over the energiser bunny,(no pun intended) with just how active he is. When it comes to changing his nappy it’s literally a two man job. This boy wants to move side to side like a professional skier, and getting him to stay still for at least a minute is such a challenge.

That was till that glorious day when his eye caught hold of my mobile phone next to him and he grabbed onto it and stayed completely still playing with it while I got on with completing the nappy task. Now due to the fact I love my mobile phone and my son very much, and the fact he started biting on the phone (you will not be suffering from radiation on my watch!) they both had to part ways and I had to start improvising with things to give to Splod to distract him. So continue reading below at my list of things I have given to him.


1.Mobile phone– For obvious reasons, you can see why this connection could no longer carry on


2. Nappies– Which is all well and good, till you need to take said item, and there he goes off again!


3. Nappy Bags– One of the favourites, but like number 2, it all comes to an end at some point.

nappy_ bags-228x228

4. Johnson’s Baby powder– His cute little chubby hands trying to keep hold of it, is the cutest.


5. Sudocrem– He has a little obsession of biting round the ring of the tub with this one (oh hello teething).


6. Water Bottle– This is another of the favourites, because he is actually drinking the water… so far it has come out the other end while changing him. Haha

download (3)

7. Baby Spoon– Another teething favourite

download (4)

8. Daddy’s Credit Card– With the way he attacks that card… just how much is in that account Love!?

download (5)


9. Alarm Clock– I find this one quite educational. I change your nappy, you try to understand the concept of time?



10. Mac Mineralise powder– I’m not ready to discuss this one… It was on the bed and… No sorry I cant, I cant.


11. Baby Cup– He loves swinging this back and forth. Oooh Son, remember the time you swung it too much and it flew out hand and conked mummy on the head! Yeah GOOD TIMESS!


12. TV Remote– This bad boy was the go-to for a good several weeks. Splod got bored, mummy had to find another thing.


13. Socks– To be precise his socks, which also didn’t last very long, As by the time I was done, the sock was near enough soaked.


14. Blankie– He doesn’t like this one very much, I think he associates it with going to sleep.



15.Baby Bowl– He does like laughing into it and hearing the echoes of his voice. So cute.


16. Shoes– Again his shoes people… he likes the feel of the bottom of the shoe… Sensory Play I guess??



17. Portable Computer Mouse- His dad hates me passing this one over to him. *Evil Laugh*


18. Keys– Hearing them clink together would fill him with such joy, till he decided he wanted to start tasting metal… Bye Bye Keys.


19. Cereal Box– What the hell was that doing in the bedroom anyway?


20. Baby Book– Currently the ongoing Winner. Educational too. BONUS!



I hope you guys found this entertaining. As parents we have got to laugh at the chaos and struggle of the day to day things we do for our children to keep both us SANE! For anyone who is reading this and doesn’t have kids…. Yes, this does really happy and you will go through it too! Hopefully! I’m not the only one am I?

Comment below the things you have had to give your little one to keep him still. Have you used any of the ones I have listed? I’ll see you guys in my next post.

Take Care

Laura x

All images taken from GOOGLE

11 thoughts on “Things I’ve given my baby when changing his nappy.

  1. The alternative is much worse: Potty training… dun Dun DUN! I’d rather wrestle to change a diaper then fight for the potty processes. I like you’re quick creativity on entertainment items. Try Tupperware with lids (they love opening and then trying to put the lid on).


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