BLOGVEMBER DAY 10-A Typical Day In My Life


Its so hard to be happy with REAL life when we are constantly bombarded by the lives of other people we see on social media. How is their life so perfect? How comes they have such a spectacular breakfast, while I’m eating this poo ass looking Weetabix? Why cant make my face, hair, life look […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 8- Blogs I’m Loving #2

BLOGS I AM LOVING- love, laughs, lipstick Colourubold, laurzrah, pint sized beauty, a cup of jo Lauralivinglife

When I’m not blogging, I genuinely love reading other people’s blogs. I of course gear towards bloggers who have the near enough the same niche as myself but I do also like reading other bloggers content that are not beauty, lifestyle and parented related. Not to sound like a broken cliche but I very much […]

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A Letter to my 1 year old

  Wow… Today you are officially one years old! I cant believe how quick the year has gone and what a remarkable little boy you have become. You are so smart and advanced for your age, and I am not just saying that because you are my son. I cant express how much you make […]

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Secrets kept away from our MUMS

Hi Lovlies, as Mother’s Day is arriving shortly I thought I would do a jovial post on the things that we have all, or most probably kept away from our mothers. I know there are lot of blog post, of mothers day wishlist or things to do on mothers day with your mum. So I […]

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  Eeeeek! I’m so happy! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award, by the loveliest, gorgeous Shannon Kara. Check out her blog here . Shannon and I first bonded over twitter (of course) about something beauty related (obviously) and have been talking ever since. She is so kind, sweet and supportive over my blog. As a new […]

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Things I’ve given my baby when changing his nappy.

Your looking at the title and thinking… ‘So there was really nothing else to blog about Laura, No?’ I’m sorry but it’s just something that has been going through my mind for a few days and being the humorous clown I am, I thought I would share it with you lovely understanding beauties!! Now I […]

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