BLOGVEMBER DAY 8- Blogs I’m Loving #2

BLOGS I AM LOVING- love, laughs, lipstick Colourubold, laurzrah, pint sized beauty, a cup of jo Lauralivinglife

When I’m not blogging, I genuinely love reading other people’s blogs. I of course gear towards bloggers who have the near enough the same niche as myself but I do also like reading other bloggers content that are not beauty, lifestyle and parented related. Not to sound like a broken cliche but I very much like helping and supporting the blogging community as much as I can, whether its by liking, commenting, sharing or retweeting a blog post, I like to do my bit. Blogs that interest me from the first paragraph and have a writing style that mirrors like were practically having a convo always have me coming back for more. You can check out my last Blogs I’m Loving post here.

I’m going to list another 5 bloggers whose blogs have me obsessed, from their creative content, bubbly personality and mouth watering blog pics!



This girl is the definition of BANTS! (funny) She writes like she is talking to us like BFF’s and is just so down to earth. Her blog is a variation of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, positivity and mostly LAUGHS! She is your everyday girl who is all about getting the best buys on a budget and she always has new product picks which are super affordable. When she is not blogging you can catch her on Snapchat, where she has bubble bath chats (that’s what I call them, lol) about her daily thoughts. Also her eyelashes are #goals. She is def worth checking out.



You know when you are not in the mood to look at a long review of a product but just need enough details to let you know whether it’s worth purchasing or not? Laura is your go too. Any beauty obsessive needs to read Laura’s blog because she highlights new beauty finds and explains so well why they are worth buying. I have to stop myself from going and buying everything she suggest, because I would be in mad DEBT, but damn she makes it so alluring. Oh and if you are a serious lover of lipstick like Laura then there’s another reason to head over. If you typed into google the phrase ‘You can never have too many lipsticks’ I’m pretty certain Laura’s beautiful face would pop up! 😉 I don’t think she has gone a week without posting a lipstick post or two. She posts EVERYDAY at 8 am and is always my commute read to work. Make it yours too and indulge in her blog.



Color U Bold

First of all Jasmine’s favourite colour is Pink, so I was already hooked. Her page is so bright and colourful, I feel like a little girl trying to digest and look at everything at once. Jasmine’s blog covers beauty, health and fashion, however what I adore most is her tips and tricks post. She definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to the whole Blogosphere world and has useful advice to help us girl bosses kick ass and succeed with our blogging. Her photography skills are BAE and she even offers free stock pics that she has created all herself, so it’s very much worth seeking her blog out.



A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard is a blog genius. Having worked for women’s magazines, such as Glamour, Cookie, Conde Nast Traveler and being an editor in chief for a small award winning magazine, she knows what women like to read and covers all content from travel, style, food, design, relationships and motherhood. Her and her team writing skills resonate so well with me and always have me reminiscing about my own life experiences. It was a relationship post about keeping the spark alive with your partner that left me scrolling and reading other posts from her blog for what seemed like HOURS. Her blog is practical as well as personal and I just enjoy the mix of the two. Honestly you won’t regret exploring what she has to share.



Pint sized beauty

A pint sized beauty is exactly what Lily is. Admitting she uses her blog to excessively spend and over shop, that has benefited me because I get to witness and hear her honest reviews on everything beauty and fashion. Her blog layout is minimalist, fresh and fulfilling. There is no distraction except for the fantastic quality of writing and the crispness of her photos. Can I also mention her fashion wishlists have me going GAGA! Love it! Lily has a couple of blog awards under her belt, so the proof is in the pudding that her blog is a goodun’. Go have a sip of what she has to offer.

Do check these beauties out, if you’re on the hunt for original, creative and just plain lovely bloggers to read upon. What are your favourite niche of bloggers to read? What are your go to blogs? Leave a comment, leave your links and share this post on your social media sites so I and others can check your blog and find new content to read in this big blogosphere community.

See you tomorrow


12 thoughts on “BLOGVEMBER DAY 8- Blogs I’m Loving #2

  1. Thank you so much for including me, so sweet! I need to seriously go check out these other bloggers they are so right up my alley as what I would read! My favorite niche lately has definitely been more career/entrepreneurs bloggers but my tried and true is fashion blogs like Katya From StyleSprinter! Her style and pics are goals!!!

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