Secrets kept away from our MUMS

Hi Lovlies, as Mother’s Day is arriving shortly I thought I would do a jovial post on the things that we have all, or most probably kept away from our mothers. I know there are lot of blog post, of mothers day wishlist or things to do on mothers day with your mum. So I thought I would spice it up with something funny instead.

P.S Mum if your reading I DID NONE OF THESE 😉



Now this isn’t necessarily something you keep away from your mother, but I certainly didn’t skip downstairs with that after sex glow, sit down and tell my mum the whole shebang story of how that lovely boy (in her words) took away her only daughters innocence. As I am a mother now she obviously knows I’ve had sex but it was just something that was never spoken about.

sneaking boyfriend in


Don’t you dare shake your head at me! Come on we have all done it right? When your 16, 17, to be honest there is not a lot of things for you to be doing out of the house after 6pm. plus with all the sweet nothing text messages going back and forth between you and bae, you want to take a run on the wild side and see if you can frankly… get away with it. Now it was never an issue sneaking him in but how I wished he would be like Edward Cullen (Twilight) and fly out without a pin drop. His Lanky Ass would always make noise jumping out the window.



Calm down, now I’m not saying you were cruising around the bike shed every Friday sniffing coke. But most of us have fallen into the peer pressure category, especially when it comes to having a puff off a cigarette. How many of you saw Rizzo from grease and just wanted to be as cool as her. Luckily some of us will take that puff and vow to never go back, or you end up becoming addicted to that white stick. Which by now it is no longer a secret to your mum.

images (1)


“It was the DOG!” Oh lord, I never had any pets so just imagine the confusment on my mum’s face when I told her that the strong winds from outside blew the next door neighbours dog into the house, who then opened the stiff cupboard and smashed two of her china glasses (what an active imagination brain I had). As a child we were all just so clumsy, and the times we wasn’t, the Clumsy Gods just wanted to torment us and something would still break. She always said I never did any cleaning. Oh believe me mum you have no IDEA!



Listen, you remember when penny sweets was actually a PENNY (the good old days). If I ever saw a 1, 2, 5, 10,20,50, 1 pound coin ‘lounging’ around, that would nicely find its way into my pockets, and I would leg it down the corner shop to get my sugar fix! Those lovely days we didn’t really understand the concept of money so seeing these coins around was like our ‘PRECIOUUUUUSSSSSS’. Oh and mum I sometimes took money out of the piggy bank. You always said you were saving it for a rainy day. We are in England, it rains EVERDAY Mum!



” Tell me how much you love it Laura”… * Side Wide Eyed*”Mum you look great”. That dreaded mopped haircut all our mum’s have come home with… she thinks she looks like the queen of Sheba, I highly disagree! But she cant stop looking in the mirror smiling like a Cheshire cat, stroking that hair, that I cant bring myself to tell her it looks horrid! “Do you want me to walk you into school?”… “NOOOOO… Errr Mrs Smith says she wants us to start being independent and walking ourselves into class”… “Ok love, bye”…. “Phew that was a close one!”


HER OOTD (Outfit of the day)

Seriously, what were they posting in magazines back then? because some of mums outfit choices were atrocious and she had the audacity to tell me, they were in style. To those puke coloured riding trousers to her multi coloured puffy roll neck jumpers, it was truly an eye sore for me some days. She had no clue and would strut her stuff like she was the new ‘IN’ thing since slice bread. MY.OH.MY



This was an everyday issue in my teenage years. mum got stuck with me playing my tunes on repeat hours upon hours, but she still failed to get the lyrics right. The amount of Sean Paul, Usher and those other 90 hit artist around those times, that my mum would cremate their lyrics was something else. Personally I found it just too funny to correct her and me and my friends would always have a giggle when she would sing around us trying to be “cool”.The last straw was when she referred to the Backstreet Boys, as the ‘Street Back Boys’ OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

OK so besides those, I really didn’t keep much away from my mum. But do you want me to let you in on a little secret…. MUM’S KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!

She knew full well I wasn’t a virgin any more when she caught my boyfriend sneaking out the house one night… she knew I must of dabbled with cigarettes, when she was cleaning my clothes and a lighter dropped out my pockets. When she took the rubbish out one day she heard the clinks of broken glass in the bag. She was standing by the door on one my leg it trips to the corner shop to go buy sweets, and she definitely overheard me on the phone to my girls, roasting her over her new haircut and OOTD. And in regards to getting lyrics wrong, someone must of definitely corrected her.

So I hope you enjoyed this funny post. What things have you kept away from your mum, that you think she doesn’t know about. Plus how do they always know when we are up to something? Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post.

P.S I hope all of you Mothers have a wonderful day, and know that you are loved by your children not just one day but everyday of our lives.



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17 thoughts on “Secrets kept away from our MUMS

  1. hahahaha whew! I am feeling nearly every single one of those sections. My mum and I don’t talk about sex! ARE YOU MAD! it’s like it point blank doesn’t exist, the time she found a condom in my bin..oh…my…god I now know how bin laden felt when he saw the Americans coming!! I swear this is a common notion amongst African parents, my mum called my boyfriend ‘my friend’ for years it’s only now she is acknowledging him by that title haha. you said it hun, when pennies were actually penny sweets looool. haha you’re killing me ‘cremate the lyrics’ I know you didn’t just say that lmao. Street back boys haha, my mum still says on the line instead of online, Facebook is your face, whatsapp is what’s up, it goes on and on xxx


  2. This was so funny! I’ve definitely done a few of these lol. I lived with my aunt after my mum couldn’t look after me or my sister any more, so my aunt was like a mother to me, and my 3 cousins who I lived with were a bit… rowdy. The funniest one was when my cousins had a house party and we somehow ended up with a child’s rocking horse, a duck (a real one), a ladder and a For Sale sign (the one estate agents use when they sell houses) in mine and my cousin’s bedroom, and the next day we tried to put it all back where it had come from, but the pole on the for sale sign was like 8 feet long, so we had to get this huge For Sale sign back out of the house, but on the way down the curved stairs we hit my aunt’s holy water ornament thing that she kept by the front door. It was smashed. We were just like… shit. My cousin panicked and just bagged it up and put it in the bin. When my aunt got back, she just kept asking us where it had gone, and I think eventually she filled in the blanks with whatever she thought we’d done, but I’m sure to this day she has no idea what really happened to it.


    1. OMG!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that story sounds like something you would only see in the movies!!! I wonder how the hell someone got the for sale sign in. Lol there is no way your aunt could know the full the extent of what happened that night! Sooooo hilarious! 😂😂😂x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha I love this post! I definitely can relate to some of these. I have an older sister who turned in to a demon in her teens, so anything I did that was slightly naughty was pretty dismissible 😇 Xx


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