A Letter to my 1 year old


Wow… Today you are officially one years old! I cant believe how quick the year has gone and what a remarkable little boy you have become. You are so smart and advanced for your age, and I am not just saying that because you are my son. I cant express how much you make me happy and feel me with joy every second of the day. You were the missing puzzle in my life and I cant wait to continue to watch you grow for the rest of our lives.


Now son, bringing you into the world was not all rosy and posy, you definitely let me know from the get go that you were a strong little warrior. Four days in labour of the both of us being in distress, for you to only come out and be sent to a special baby unit because you swallowed your poo. Crying, stressed and having a high blood pressure because I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold you for days, you surprised me and the nurses by responding well to the antibiotics and was able to go back to the ward with me and daddy (you was in the special unit for less than 24 hours).

Your personality is beyond infectious. you are so energetic and bubbly, and your fake laugh over the littlest thing have been grinning like a Cheshire cat. But when you are genuinely laughing your head off, it actually aches my heart, because your laugh is literally filling my heart with sooo much love, its unreal.


I don’t blink an eye at your projectile vomits, burps, farts and rose smelling poos (sarcasm). Speaking of poos… here is a little story of what you did your loving mummy when you was about 2 months. Me, you, daddy and your grandparents went to the store NEXT one day as your daddy needed a suit for work. You was in one of your ‘I ain’t got time for this moods’ and your loving mother took you out off your buggy to give you some TLC. Can you explain to me how green/yellow runny neon poop managed to get all over my trousers, without as much as a smudge on yours? I mean you was wearing dungarees, and nothing, absolutely nothing on you. The mysteries of life eh? I was horrified and had to spend the rest of trip hiding my trousers so close up to your buggy. I wouldn’t change a thing.


But baby, lets not get it twisted, you have your moments of when mummy wants to tug on her weave and scream. Bedtimes! Are you planning on actually sleeping through the night consecutively anytime soon? Thank goodness for good genes, as i can only imagine what kind of bags i would be having under my eyes. Oh and still on the topic of bedtimes, when you end up in the middle of mummy and daddy’s bed, you aware that your dad is in bed also? So if you could include him in the face, neck, spine and wherever else your little legs can kick, onto him too, i would be ever so grateful πŸ˜‰

Dinner times! I am pretty sure you Daydream about living in a yoghurt shaped mansion with all the Petit Filous you could ever dream of, but there is other foods which I think your palette will agree with.

Did I mention how smart you are? We both undoubtedly know that you have me wrapped around your fingers. All it take is for you to smile, whine, cry, do that attitude eye roll (who did you get that from?) and I’m right at your every command. (enjoy this while it lasts)

When you are not with me, its so quiet and your presence is missed to make home feel complete again. I complain when you get so clingy and only want your mummy, but deep down I love it and I better enjoy it as much as I can now, as it will be a bit weird picking you up at 15 and putting you on my hip right?


I cant wait to see what a fine man you are going to grow up to be. I love you so much and I want you to know you can come to me and daddy anytime for anything and never feel like you will be judged. You was brought into this life not just for me but do great things, and I am so excited for you.

Enjoy your day sweetheart, and today mummy will allow you to open all the cupboards and take out all the pans and pots, and will even given you as many spoons as you want to create oh sweet music, like you like to do.

Happy First Birthday Prince ❀




27 thoughts on “A Letter to my 1 year old

  1. Wow! You’re a big and handsome boy now, little Prince!
    I wish you to be happy, lucky and healthy along with your mom and dad!
    Happy First Birthday Prince! And forgive me because I am so late πŸ™‚
    Kisses for you :*

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  2. I know I’m a little late to the party but happy birthday to your baby boy! I love even in this post how comical yet heartfelt this post was written! He’s lucky to have you as his mummy! X

    Shannon // shannonkara.com

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