BLOGVEMBER DAY 10-A Typical Day In My Life


Its so hard to be happy with REAL life when we are constantly bombarded by the lives of other people we see on social media. How is their life so perfect? How comes they have such a spectacular breakfast, while I’m eating this poo ass looking Weetabix? Why cant make my face, hair, life look as polished and flawless as these Instagram bunnies? The truth is its all BS and behind all the glitz and glamour the same person you are idolising is somewhat or highly likely living the same “dry, boring” life as you. So I thought I would do a post on my life and keep it real on your ordinary girl every day going ons.



5.30 Am. Alarm goes off. Its time to get ready for work. I lay in bed for 10 mins quickly checking all my social media and have a quick skim on what Daily Mail has to report for us today. I’m very blessed as the days I work my mum or my partners family has our son, so I don’t have to worry about running around getting him ready. On my days off, I wake up around 7.30 with my son being the ever so efficient personalised alarm clock.

6.00 Am. I always have Youtube or some reality trash tv program in the background while I do my makeup and attempt to look half ass decent. I aim to leave the house by 7, but if my makeup is looking BOOM TICKITY BOOM, I end up forgetting about the time while I take as many selfies as I can for the ‘GRAM, twisting up my arm, head, body to get the perfect shot. Sigh!



7.00 Am It take me a hour and half to get to my job. While I’m on the bus, I will either sit and watch more Youtube videos, go onto instagram and like pictures or sulk at why she looks so damn good… YES I am talking about you Sarah Ashcroft! Lol. I also get the time to jot down on my notes app on my Iphone, blog ideas that spring up or funny quotes that have come into my head that would be particularly funny in a blog post.



8.30- 11.Am I get to work and start of straight away getting on with urgent emails and marking of my daily checklist. My job is office desk based so you can expect to see pure food and drink on my desk, Its so annoying when I’m trying to eat healthily, but I’m tempted by chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks to keep me company. During my morning break, you best believe I am either on Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty, ASOS, Miss Pap etc, getting sucked in to buy another clothing or beauty product that i just don’t need!



12-2 PM During this period I spend wasting time on what to have for lunch. Keep it clean and get a Salad and Chargrilled Chicken or pig it out with fast food. 80% of the time fast food wins. While I’m munching I take the time to read my fave bloggers or search for new ones to indulge in. I reply back to comments left on my blog and also leave comments on others.

2-5 PM Continuing with my work, and my belly full, my brain gets over active and its when I have my most creative thoughts. I keep going back and forth on whether to start a Youtube channel or not (I finally succumbed). I will also write down thoughts in my little scrap book. Then I start wondering what to cook for dinner for the family.


5-7 PM I leave work to go and collect Baby Splod. This period is my most stressed. I hate London Transport and every now and again I have a little rant on twitter on what commute problems I’m facing that day. After getting my son, we will have a little play and kisses and cuddles before we make our way back home.



7-8.30 PM Everyone is fed and I spend that time playing with my son, then giving him his bath, milk and going through the nightly nightmare of getting him to go sleep. Why do they fight going to sleep so much? By the time he is 15 I will be shouting at him to get out of bed because he sleeps to much! LIFE eh!?



9-11 PM, I use this time to proof read my blog post that I will putting out. In the background the TV will have once again Youtube or some reality TV trash on. I will have a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, which I no is no good as it doesn’t help me go to sleep any sooner, but it does help relax me down.


11PM– In bed, looking at social media. I’ve remove the TV from my bedroom because it was distracting me from sleeping, but with my phone on me its an even bigger distraction and I honestly cant tell you when I fall asleep but I always have my phone in my hand! Typical!

There you have it! Boring I know, but its my boring and I am just grateful that I wake up every morning and I am surrounded by my loved ones. Don’t let other social influences make you question your every day life. Be humble and grateful. My life is not perfect by no means but I love it and wouldn’t change it any other way… Actually my son sleeping through the night would be nice though πŸ˜‰

Let me know what a typical day in your life is, and would you change anything about it? Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you TOMORROW.


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