3 MAC LIPSTICKS FOR WINTER- heroine, flat out fabulous, ruby woo

Am I right when I say at least everyone owns a MAC lipstick!? I am so loyal to my MAC lipsticks as they were the first ‘High Street’ brands of lipsticks to try. I will never forget my first MAC lipstick: Russian Red. Russian Red is a sexy, intense matte red with bluish undertones. I […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 10-A Typical Day In My Life


Its so hard to be happy with REAL life when we are constantly bombarded by the lives of other people we see on social media. How is their life so perfect? How comes they have such a spectacular breakfast, while I’m eating this poo ass looking Weetabix? Why cant make my face, hair, life look […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 4-Morphe 35O Palette Review with Swatches


A palette that contains an array of 35 different colour shades at the cost of £21, can’t possibly be highly pigmented, smooth like butter and have a lasting power of over 10 hours + (with a good primer of course) surely? YOU HAVE NO CLUE! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get […]

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BLOGVEMBER DAY 2- Coloured Raine- Cherry Blossom + Lip Swatches

Coloured Raine Matte Lip paint in Cherry Blossom

If you asked me the last time I wore bright or even a normal red lipstick, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I use to be an everyday avid user of red lipstick, but when a ex boyfriend of mine told me red lipstick on women made us look like clowns (TWAT I KNOW) […]

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July Favourites

Jeeeez, I honestly don’t know whether this year is going really fast or maybe I am just more occupied with life and hobbies that the days are just zooming by! Either way it has not stopped me when it comes to all things beauty! I really went all out in July with my spending habits. […]

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The Bloggers Summers Hangout

One of the great things about blogging is being able to go to events. Not only do you get to socialise and interact with fantastic old and new brands, but you also get to mingle with other bloggers that you have only spoken to online but new ones that you have just met and gel […]

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3 Shoes Hacks You Need in Your Life

If you look at all of your shoes, how often would you say that you bought them for the sole purpose of comfort? Practicality is hardly motivation for us when we’re shopping for a new pair of heels, as we convince ourselves the aesthetic appeal is far greater than the amount of pain we’ll endure […]

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Happy Weekend!

Yaaaaaaay its finally Friday once again! What a week I have had. I am so glad i have internet back in my home, so I can resume doing one of the things I love the most… Blogging. This weekend me and the hubster are planning on taking baby Splod to Kidspace. Kidspace is a children […]

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Blogs I’m Loving #1

Hello Loves, So I’ve decided I want to start doing a series on my blog about different blogs that I am currently loving. If you saw in my where have I been post, which you can find here, I commented on the fact that as much as I love blogging, I really love reading blogs too. […]

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Where have I been?

Hello lovelies! I’m back! Ok so a week is not really a long break, but I needed time off. I love blogging, I honestly do, and my initial reasoning was to just use it as a platform to express all my loves for anything beauty, lifestyle and parenting related. I wasn’t expecting the large (maybe […]

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