Happy Weekend!

Yaaaaaaay its finally Friday once again! What a week I have had. I am so glad i have internet back in my home, so I can resume doing one of the things I love the most… Blogging.

This weekend me and the hubster are planning on taking baby Splod to Kidspace. Kidspace is a children indoor adventure playgrounds to take your kids to let loose and have plenty of fun. Splod has so much energy and its the perfect place to take him to run around, play and socialise with other babies. Although its more for the kids, mums and dads don’t worry you wont be bored out of your mind, as you will spend all the time watching your little ones (obviously) and you can also make new mummy and daddy friends. Plus the venue has a licensed restaurant so you can fill up your bellies too. The facilities is designed for 0-12 years old and under 5’s have a separate play area.


We also plan to go and see the in-laws. Splod loves his grandparents. So while he is off getting spoiled, it gives me the perfect time to just chill back and get some well needed rest.


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I love horror films. I like the intensity and build of a good horror. they don’t make films as good as they used too, but I really enjoyed the conjuring. That film had my heart racing and I was quaking in my boots. The conjuring is out on the 13th and I really want to see so bad… Now I just have to convince the Hubs to take me. Lol

Spending Ban
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I really want to try and sort out my makeup and clothes storage this weekend too. I have the habit of buying a new item, wearing it for a couple of times and then all of a sudden I’m piping up chanting ‘I have no clothes’. I’m thinking of going on a 3 month spending ban. So this will be the perfect opportunity to sort through my clothes and to also bring out my summer clothes which has been locked away as the sun does seem to be creeping out.

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I came across on Twitter or Instagram the 30 day squat challenge, and I thought heck why not. Nothing wrong with trying to tighten up those buns. I am only day two and still feeling pumped (I wonder how I’ll be day 15) so I cant wait to see the results. I think I’ll also document it and share my results with you guys.

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Does anyone hate water as much as I do? There is something about that bland tasteless taste that just doesn’t cut it for me. At one point I legit started convincing myself I was allergic to it. MADNESS. Well I think I have a way to help us all out. I have been buying Evian (you can buy any water) 2 litre water bottles and have been able to actually finish the whole bottle by the end of the day. I shit you not I used to constantly buy it promising myself I would finish it but would end up just about having two big gulps. The trick you ask? Don’t drink it from the bottle. Get a glass cup and fill it up every hour. Try and down it one go if you can. I’ll start drinking and when I feel like stopping, I quickly breath through my nose and continue to down it. If you start at 8 the bottle will be finished by 2. A lot of trips to the loo, but I can honestly say this week alone I have seen the benefits. I am not as hungry as I usually am, I don’t get any cramps from the many salt and sugar I would have consumed during the day and my skin is looking somewhat radiant. Give it a go guys and let me know if it works for you.

PicMonkey Collage
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Has any of my UK ladies been watching Love Island and Big Brother? My love for reality trash TV will never go away, its so addictive. Big Brother just started but to be honest i am not really getting into it. I don’t particularly want to watch Z list actors trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. I will continue to keep watching and hope it gets better. Love Island is just too juicy. They are all pretending as if they are really looking for love but we all know they are just trying to choose the right girl or guy to take to the end and cash in on the money. So hilarious.

What plans do you have for the weekend? Has anyone got any recommendations of any scary horror films for me to watch? I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you in my next post ๐Ÿ˜‰



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