Happy Weekend!

Yaaaaaaay its finally Friday once again! What a week I have had. I am so glad i have internet back in my home, so I can resume doing one of the things I love the most… Blogging. This weekend me and the hubster are planning on taking baby Splod to Kidspace. Kidspace is a children […]

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10 Films to watch this Valentine’s Day

It’s that Lovey Dovey time of the year again. Where you get to show your loved ones just how much you adore them (although that should be shown everyday and not just one particular day of the year, but annnnnnyway). Even though there are a lot of people who like to get wine and dined […]

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50 Facts About Me


    Hi Guys, so for my first ever post (yay) I thought what better way for any reader who stumbles across my page to get to know me better by doing a 50 facts about me blog. Lets get into it! I’m 5ft6 I wear size 7 shoes I can put my ears into […]

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