50 Facts About Me





Hi Guys, so for my first ever post (yay) I thought what better way for any reader who stumbles across my page to get to know me better by doing a 50 facts about me blog. Lets get into it!

  1. I’m 5ft6
  2. I wear size 7 shoes
  3. I can put my ears into my ears- I’m not joking! Weird I know!
  4. I love Martini Asti- Like a lot A LOT
  5. I love horror films
  6. I have two tattoos
  7. I can never finish a cup of tea
  8. I cannot drive- believe me, me and the road just don’t belong together
  9. My favourite colour is black- yes I’m aware black is a tone but lets just go with it eh
  10. My favourite take out is Chinese
  11. I live for candles! The sweeter the better
  12. My favourite theatrical play is Woman in Black- A-mazing a must see
  13. I hate water
  14. It took me a whole month to complete resident evil 4- on super easy mode
  15. I am absolutely crap at giving directions
  16. I love reading fictional books- or should I say loved, since baby, its been a no no
  17. I am petrified of cats
  18. My guilty pleasures is reality trash TV
  19. I have such a sweet tooth
  20. I’m a snorer
  21. I can not start my day, without having my morning coffee
  22. I love making people laugh
  23. I used to drink 5 cans of red bull a day- How is my heart still pumping you ask? You and me both.
  24. I’m an Aries
  25. I can’t swim
  26. I love me some weave!- Haha don’t judge me
  27. I won best girl overall in secondary school at sports day
  28. When I run really fast I can’t stop farting- Don’t lie, who else is with me on this one?
  29. I am left handed
  30. Any perfume that has vanilla in it, I’m SOLD!
  31. I still enjoy watching cartoons
  32. I prefer silver over gold
  33. I collected teddy bears
  34. Cannot go a day without using Vaseline- no crusty lip for me thanks!
  35. I used to smell cups before I used them- I honestly cant explain this one, I’m so weird
  36. I’m obsessed with beauty YouTube videos
  37. My favourite number is 456- For the life of me I don’t know why!!
  38. I was named after the nurse who took care of me when I was born
  39. I love shopping at Zara, Topshop, H&M and Asos
  40. I hate anything mouldy- Like I could actually vomit
  41. I talk too fast
  42. My feet is always cold
  43. I find it hard to sleep if the TV is not on
  44. favourite types of music is slow jams, RNB, pop, old school
  45. Hate being told what to do
  46. Love having/ giving massages
  47. I’m at my most comfortable in my pyjamas/ lounge wear
  48. I despise anything to do with nature- Camping? Are you having a laugh!
  49. I prefer a cosy girls night in over shaking a leg on the dance floor
  50. I try to see the positive in everything

So there you have it lovelies, 50 random facts about moi! Hope you enjoyed it. How many of you can relate? Do you share any same facts as myself? I would also love to hear facts about yourselves too, so please do leave a comment below, and I’ll see you in my next post.


40 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me

  1. Don’t worry, I smell cups too. I can’t drink from anything that smells like dirty washing up water. Like, why do people not know how to rinse stuff off? Don’t just take it out of the water and put it to dry. Omg.


      1. 😅😂😅. We’re normal, there’s two of us in this together. Ps- if you haven’t heard of it already there’s a site called BlogLovin (there’s like a drawn woman icon on the right hand on my page), it’s basically just a site where bloggers can have a more in depth feed like the reader on here. But you can have people you follow on WordPress, blogspot and wherever else as long as they’re also signed up. It’s a really good way to organise blog posts you liked for inspiration.


  2. Hi Laura, loved your first blog, I found myself nodding along to many of these, I love being in my PJ’s, I too hate water can not drink bottled water… Yuk! And the one that made me laugh and say Yay!!! Was Camping, Oh my gosh, Why? What is the point? Lol even going in a caravan I hate.. Nope hotels will do me fine thank you…Nice to hear there’s a fellow Mum with lots in Common! Makeup, kids, sniffing Cups, love of tea, sweet tooth.. Oh bliss ha ha Welcome hunni Dawn x


    1. Haha! Yes I’m not alone! Thank you so much dawn. If only PJs could be the new fashion trend everyone wears out, life would be so much easier for me :)… Ugh! I just can’t with nature! Like honestly why!? Lol. Glad to see another mummy with the same interests as mine. Laura xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. PJ’s are the new indoor wear ha ha ha ! 😉 urggh camping, caravaning, outdoor life errrm no thanks ha ha! Somebody has a warped mind when they thought that was fun I mean!! Hee hee… We are yea drinking, cup sniffing, PJ Wearing hotel holidays only please Mummies! We sound perfect 😝😘xx


  3. Girl! As a 90s babies I still watch cartoons! 😭 Courage the Cowardly dog , DBZ, you name it. I feel sorry for this generation of kids who don’t know what good TV is lmao. I still have my teddy bears from age five too 😢. And, I love beauty videos and skin care videos 💄💃💅. Welcome to the blog world 👋.


  4. Camping is absolute torture, I am so with you! Husband dear loves it, he even calls it “vacation.” I, however, added “hot tub” to my list of necessities as if they have a hot tub, they at least have running water. Vacation to me is meant for excitement and relaxation. Rich food, and local flair – absolutely not savage living-of-the-land (and the unusual amount of beer and liquor) in the dark, cold woods without the comforts of civilization. If they expect me to get Medieval up in here, there better be a time machine. lol.


  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of you 🙂 By “I hate water” do you mean drinking it? Or swimming in it? Also, I am a new blogger (just started April this year) and I see you are very successful at this. Do you have any tips for me? I am also looking for more blogger friends, trying to find more people who will support. 🙂 If you like my blog, please help me out 😀


  6. I just found you for the first time. I found your 50 facts pretty cute. Thanks for giving everyone the heads up not to ever run with you. : )

    Thanks so much for your review of Givenchy Live Irrésistible Délicieuse. I must have it! You can get some pretty good deals online.


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