January Favourites

I can’t believe just how quickly January has come and been, one month down and eleven more to go till Christmas! (All right slow your role Laura).

So as it’s the end of the month, I thought I would share with you guys my January beauty favourites.

Let’s begin.


MAC Persistence Lipstick- £15.50

This little beaut has become one of my favourite nudes for my lips. It is a subtle medium brown with a soft matte finish. Its creamy texture makes it so easy to glide on the lips. Be sure to prime your lips beforehand if you have the tendency to suffer from dry lips (a smidge of vaseline does me just fine). It can be easily worn as an everyday lipstick, and in my personal opinion would say it suits all skin type. Although i would mention that for dark skin tones, this lipstick should definitely be accompanied with a lip liner, preferably MAC’s Cork or Chestnut liner.

MAC Tabla Lipstick- £15.50

now now now! when i am going for my no makeup, makeup look, this is the lipstick i instantly snatch up. This glossy milk chocolate is a replica colour of my lips. A very slick silicone amplified finished, this is a must have for when you a going for the natural look. The only downfall had was it doesn’t have a long staying power and i did have to reapply after 3 hours, but it is oh so worth it.


MAC Peach Lustre Highlighter- £19.00

I bought this product a couple years back and used it as a highlighter for under my eyes, and I can’t remember whether I found it too cakey or didn’t like the finish, but I just didn’t repurchase another one when it finished. But after watching various Youtube gurus raving about it as a colour correct, I decided to give it another go, and I’m so glad I did. It’s the perfect colour corrector for my skin, it’s sheer but build-able and managed to conceal the hyper pigmentation that I have round my eyes. It blends well with my foundations and does not oxidise, well deserving of a try. This product also comes in 4 shades.

MAC Amorous Alloy Eye shadow- £16.00

This extra dimension eye shadow has got me fluttering my eyes like I’m Bambi! This rich pigmented shimmering eye shadow, really brightens up my dark brown eyes. I find it so pigmented that only one stroke managed to cover my lids. Dampen your brush a little with water or MAC studio fix plus to receive a shiny metallic effect look.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette- £38.00

Now guys, I know everyone plus their mum and grandma have been banging on about Urban Decay naked palette’s but honestly guys this is not just a January favourite this is an all year favourite ( I promise I won’t add it to my February Faves, but you get my gist). This bad girl comes in 12 alluring shades that you just can’t go wrong with. By far when I’m applying these shadows to my lids, I cannot apply it on without doing a Twerk or two. Be sure to use the brush that comes with as its blends the product so well on the eyes and you won’t get a lot of fall out. The lasting power is superb, i have ‘accidentally’ gone to sleep with this product on and woke up in the morning to see little traces of the cheeky nugget.


Vaseline Lip Therapy- £1.95

come on now everyone, we can not deny we all don’t own a tub of Vaseline. This has been the original beauty product i first ever owned Haha. It will forever be in my make up bag. This product promises to protect and relieve dry and chapped lips while locking in moisture to help keep them healthy, and they are 100 percent spot on. I love vaseline!

Creme of Nature Perfect Edges- £4.47

If you guys read my 50 facts about me (if you haven’t, go take a look to get to know me a little better) then you know I love wearing weave. It’s a great protective styling for myself as i’m currently going natural (no more relaxers/perm). So to keep my edges slick and laid, Creme of Nature comes to the rescue. Not only does this product hold down my edges but it’s moisturizing and gives my edges a nice silky shine. To ensure an all day hold, after applying the cream, I use a headscarf to wrap my head for 30 mins or so and it really keeps the baby hairs at bay.


OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil- £7.35

When you wear weave, wigs, clip in extensions etc, there is tendency for the hair to at times look limp and dry. With this oil i only need to use a small amount to give my whole hair shine and softness. Also used with a heat protectant spray, I can straighten my hair with ease, and not be left with smelly hair burning aroma. It has definitely become one of my holy grails.

Hypnotic Poison Dior Eau De Toilette- £43.50

Right, last but surely not least is this sexy, dark, seductive, intoxicating, captive, nail biting perfume right here. oooooh weeeeee! There is not enough metaphors in the English dictionary for me to tell you just how much I adore this perfume. Spritzing this on my neck as I was sweating my ass off during one of my frantic Xmas shopping spree, I couldn’t get the scent off my mind, and the fact that I was still smelling it after midnight, I knew I had found a keeper. As the Eau De Toilette had a long staying power of 7+ hours, I opted for it, but once this bottle is done I will for damn sure be heading for the Parfum. The notes for this beautiful scent include bitter almond and carvi, sambac jasmine, jacaranda and sensuous vanilla musk.


So there you go lovelies, that’s my January favourites. How many of you use these products and what do you think of them? Also i want to know what your January favourites have been, I’m always open to trying out new products.

Thank you for reading, and i’ll see you in my next post.


Take Care
Laura x

20 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. I’ve been looking for a nice nude for a while so must try the Mac Tabla lipstick. That eyeshadow looks amazing 😍 Carmex is my go to for lip care, love the stuff! Cream of Nature is absolutely the BEST edge control I’ve tried to date handsdown and I’ve got the OGX shampoo and conditioner but I’m not 100% sold on this 🙁 Lovely favourites x

    Shannon | Shannonkara.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Mac Tabla is absolutely perfect. You can either pair it with a lip liner or just wear it on its own. I love Carmex on its own but I can’t use it with any lip product as I seem to react to it. Oooh I must pick up the shampoo and conditioner because honestly the argan oil is really really good, you must try it! Thank you so much for reading Hun 😊😊xx

      Liked by 1 person

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