My Everyday Makeup Look

Hi Beauts, now one thing I do enjoy is going onto YouTube and watching my favourite YouTuber’s doing their make-up. Not only do they inspire me with new looks but I also get to peep at the new products they are raving or swearing by. My favourite videos in particular are the ‘everyday makeup look’. It makes me laugh because some of the everyday makeup looks I’ve seen go from looking completely natural to another everyday makeup look i would consider wearing to the clubs, but everyone’s preferences is different so there you go. So i thought i would give you guys an insight on what i use for my ‘Everyday Makeup look’.


I always start off by moisturising my face with Fashion Fair oil free moisturiser. If you didn’t know i suffer from very dry skin, and going without moisturizing my face is a big no no! the ingredients in this product include aloe vera and vitamin E, making my face feel replenished and smooth. I then go onto applying primer on my face, I go back and forth with using Maybelline’s baby skin instant pore eraser and Benefits the Pore Fessional primer. If i’m going for a smooth dewy finish I lean towards Maybelline’s baby skin and if I’m going for a matte finish benefits Pore Fessional does the job.


Next it’s time for eyebrows, I usually use my Mac brow pencil in Stud, but I’ve seem to have misplaced it and I’m currently using Sleek’s makeup brow kit in dark. This kit is great as it provides a shaping wax and setting powder which really helps me shape and define my brows. The kit also contains a mini tweezer for those unwanted stray hairs and an angled and blending brush which really comes handy if you need to touch up while you’re out and about.

Its then onto the eyes, and for my everyday makeup look i literally do a wham bam thank you mam. Priming my eyes with The Body Shop eyeliner in matte kajal, (white) which surprisingly works perfect as a primer and is like a dupe of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I’ll then cover my lower lids with Kiko Milano Infinity eyeshadow in 235 and then the rest of my eyes with MAC dark deep mineralize skin finish. As its an everyday makeup look I don’t usually wear fake lashes but to get the faux look I use L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara (black). The brush is amazing at it really gets to base of my eye lashes and gives my lashes such length. Then i’m then officially done. To be honest, unless I’m going somewhere nice or fancy. I keep my eye makeup very minimal and light.


Straight after it’s time to colour correct. I have pigmentation at the sides of both my eyes and around my mouth. So I lean towards using LA Girl Pro conceal colour corrector in orange. This product is quite thick and if not careful can seep through my foundation making me look like a flaming wotsits, and believe me that is not a sight you want to see. So I only use a small amount, spray my MAC Fix+ onto my beauty blender sponge and blend blend blend.


Once that’s complete it’s time for the foundation. Now honestly if you are looking for a foundation where people have to literally give you a double look because they can’t tell whether you skin is that flawlessly slick or you are wearing foundation then it’s going to have to be Makeup Forever Ultra HD. Sweet baby jesus when i tell you right now no other product compares. Now i’m quite heavy handed so i can have the tendency of going a tad bit overboard. but with this product i can be heavy handed and still finish off with a natural finish. Seriously Heaven!

Then I move onto the under eye concealer to give my face some highlight. For my everday look I’m reaching out for my LA Girl Pro Conceal in toffee or fawn. I use a bit of both as i find toffee to have more of an orange undertone and fawn with more of an yellow and blended together is the perfect mix for me.

Next I set my under eye with Kiko Milano invisible powder, this product I find to be quite heavy so a little goes a long way and it does give your face a matte finish if applied all over.

Soon coming to the end of my look I use MAC dark deep mineralise skin finish powder to set my face and if to give my face a bit of highlight I’ll use Sleek’s Rose Gold blush on my cheeks.


Then lastly it’s time for the lips. MAC Twig was always my go-to but that has now been kicked to the side for NYX Abu Dhabi soft matte lip cream. It’s the perfect nude lip for my skin tone and I always pair it with MAC Cork and Chestnut lip liner.

So there it is lovelies my everyday make-up look. In total this look will take me about 20-25 mins. Do you guys use any of the products I use? Also what do guys do as your everyday look? Can’t wait to hear from you all, and I’ll see you in my next post.


Take Care
Laura x

28 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup Look

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post. Oooh I’ll take a look at the million lashes. Makeup forever is available in England but only in
      Certain shops. I got mine from
      Debenhams in Oxford street. I hope your wedding hasn’t passed yet as this foundation is perfect.xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The wedding was in 2014 when MUFE wasn’t available yet in England 😦 I used the Avon dupe instead but it just wasn’t as good. Thanks for the tip about Debenhams: I’m in London next Monday (I live in York, our make-up counters are shocking – there isn’t even Urban Decay here!!) so I’ll take a look in Debenhams on Oxford St 🙂 maybe I could get some before my 2nd anniversary (any excuse for good make-up)….


  1. I definitely love the la girl concealers and I use both toffee and fawn too. I usually use fawn for a night look since it is so bright w/ the yellow undertone. NYX lip creams are bomb and abu dhabi is a perfect nude. I’ll definitely try out the MUSEUM foundation I’ve heard great things.



  2. Flaming wotsit haha it’s so true i have it and i learnt the hard way less is definately more! I too love the rest of the hd concealers i have a few colours and they rival any high end product! I am with you on lovong youtube for inspiration. Some day wear makeup looks i’m like i prob wouldn’t wear that until my wedding day lol xx


  3. My everyday make up consists on lip balm, moisturizer, lipstick, and mascara. I can’t put eyeliner. Do you have any tips for easy eyelining?
    What is primer? I know many people use it but I don’t know why I should.


    1. Hiya, thank you for reading my blog :)… I’m so useless at applying eyeliner too. One thing I do that helps is creating dots on my eyes and then connecting them together. A primer is a cream product that you apply to your face before you put on your foundation to help keep it in place and make it last longer throughout the day. It’s so beneficial especially if you are out and about for long periods of time. It can also give you makeup a nice flawless finish. :))) xx

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