My Top 5 MAC Nude Lipsticks

Hi Beauts, in today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you, my top 5 MAC nude lipsticks.

Nude lipsticks have been the “in trend” for a while and I can absolutely see why! It is the perfect shade for the au natural simple look or for a crazy night out. Nude lipsticks go with anything. You can team it with a dramatic eye look to a no “Makeup Makeup” look. Plus it also helps that whatever clothes you wear a nude lipstick will always match the look.

Although I do have a lot of nude colours from different brands, the most I do have come from MAC. So continue reading to see just why that is!



Mac Hug me is a gorgeous nude/ pinky colour. Now this lipstick has a lustre finish so in all honesty you will find yourself having to reapply it quite a few times, which I don’t mind as I tend to wear this shade when I’m going for a very basic simple look. It is very sheer and shiny and glides on smoothly. This lipstick can be paired with a sexy smokey eye, for a no “makeup, makeup” look or even for work if you want something subtle.



Ugh! Twig Twig Twig!! I love me some twig! This satin finish (which I consider to be a in between of Matte and Cremesheen) is a pink colour with brown undertones. I’m not going to lie when I first applied it onto my lips I looked like BOBO the clown! A hot rubber lip mess! The trick for me as my top lip is darker than my bottom lip is to line my lips with MAC’s chestnut lip liner and then fill in the rest of my lips with MAC’s cork lip liner then apply Twig. I am left with a nice modern version of the 90s brown lip. The lasting power with this lipstick is superb! I can eat, drink, kiss and it’s staying put. I would definitely recommend this for an everyday look. You can’t go wrong.



When I first swatch sensual sparks at the Mac store, I knew instantly I wanted it. This peachy, caramel shiny sensation is a hit! Sensual sparks is an amplified finish, which are one of my favourites as they so full of colour. You literally only need to apply this to your lips once or twice to get your desired look. It is by far a full coverage lipstick and is extremely creamy. If you have tan skinned to a darker complexion, then this lippie is for you. But I must stress that for darker complexions, a lipliner is required.



Next is Half N Half. My oh my! Is it possible fora lipstick to bring out the colour in your eyes? This sexy amplified lipstick is my go to on a night out! I am telling you that disco ball will be reflecting of those luscious lips of yours. Again this has a pinky brownish tone, but looks more like a creamy latte on my lips. It really does brighten up your face and as it is so smooth you can match it with another lipstick if you want to make it look lighter or darker, or even go for an ombre effect. I must mention that if you wear this lipstick with a smokey eye, heads will be turning, TRUST ME!



Now I put this little gem lastly because I know everyone from you mum, sister, nan and probably even your dad and uncle has this bloody lipstick! (thanks Kylie Jenner) But come on, why wouldn’t they. This lipstick has me Twerking to thinking I’m one of Beyonce’s background dancers in her song ‘Single Ladies’. OH. MY. GOD Velvet Teddy delivers every single time. Anyone who knows me knows that me and matte lipsticks go way, way back, and even though this lipstick has a matte finish it is not drying to my lips in the slightest.(Ruby woo anyone!?) I have noticed that the lipstick does look different on my lips to some of my other friends, which must boil down to the shade of our lips. So please don’t cry when you look in the mirror and question why your pout is not KJ-esque. It is a great tawny/brown shade with a hint of mauve. This is for ALL SKIN TYPES.


So what do you think guys? Who has tried any of these lipsticks and do you agree with my statements. Is there any other Mac lipsticks you would advice that are worth buying. I’m always on the hunt… Hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you in my next post.


Take Care

Laura x

52 thoughts on “My Top 5 MAC Nude Lipsticks

  1. Uh-oh. I want all of these! 😝 Thanks for posting!! The only nude I have from MAC is Sophisto. I got it when I was trying to buy Twig 😆; it’s very wearable and like Twig it is a bit plummy.


      1. It is a lustre so it isn’t going to be as pigmented, but I find that’s what makes it more wearable– it works with your lip color. I’m totally getting Twig now 😆😂


      1. Me!!!? I’m just as new as you Hun. Lol I don’t know what to really advice? I pretty much blog twice a week and try and stay consistent with it. I live to keep my blog quite lighthearted and write how I would speak to my friends. 😊😊

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  2. wassup Bobo hahaha too much I know the feeling! I swear for black women nothing can make you look worse than an awful nude lippie your lips look dry, washed out, as if bleached with butterscotch holy crap! oooh you have got me wanting to try half and half and velvet teddy but man I am scared as these nude shades have a history of looking awful on me ha xx


  3. I love MAC nudes!! I don’t know if you’ve seen HoneyLove, it’s more of a cool toned nude but it’s definitely my favourite lippy, ever! It goes so nice with loads of different liners too for different effects!! Great post! xx


      1. You’re welcome, thanks for checking out my blog too! I think it is pretty popular. I’m on my second one! I think you’ll definitely love it from what I’ve read on your blogs! It work so well with a chestnut liner – I use it a lot with Stone which is like a darker brown just so it adds a little bit more. I’d deffo 100% recommend it!! xxx

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      2. I love your blog it’s all glam and girly lol. Oh gosh you have really got me wanting to try this lippie now. I usually like to look at my purchases first, so I might have to take a trip to London for bigger Mac stores xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw thank you! I loved reading yours! Yeah I don’t blame you – it’s one of those ones which could look different in different people too. I hope you’ll find it soon! I’ll keep my eye out for the blog post on it 😉 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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