My review on Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

Clinique beyond and perfecting foundation and concealer review- lauralivinglife

I don’t know about you but when it comes to foundations I tread very lightly in my choices. Just because a certain foundation has a lot of hype surrounded around it, I’m not going to dive in deep head first to grab it, too only be left disappointed when it doesn’t give me all the quality looks and finishes it claimed.

So I’m not afraid to go up to a makeup counter of the makeup I have my eye on and ask the advisor for a sample. Although they do like to try the makeup on you, I won’t be able to tell how good that product is in the small areas of my check and jawline.

When I walked past the Clinique concession in House of Fraser and saw that with the Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer they were offering a 5 DAY sample of the product, I was more than happy to take them on, on their offer.

The lady at the counter sat me down and wiped some of my makeup off my cheek and jaw (which I really hate, especially on a good makeup day) and swiped 3 shades of the makeup to determine which colour would suit me most. There was quite an obvious difference in all 3, which mostly had to do with the undertones. I have quite an orangey-red tone so the shade number 28 in Clove was perfect for me.

The lady then proceeds to tell me that everyone she has tested on seems to be shade 28 and she has no more samples (good grief). So she told me to pop over to Boots and hopefully they would have my shade.

Usain bolt had nothing on me with the way I fast paced my ass over to Boots praying that any shade 28 girls on their way to get a sample would break a leg or something of that sort. (I WANT THAT FOUNDATION)

As I got too Boots I told the lovely girl behind the counter of my torment of them not having the sample at House of Fraser and when I saw her pull out that full bottle of shade 28 and a sample container my heart truly skipped a beat!

Will you freaking get on with the damn review!!!… Oops sorry.

This what Clinique say about this foundation.

A foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores. Skin breathes comfortably, colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity.Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Leave the foundation to settle just for a few minutes, this will allow the high pigment in the formula to adapt to your skin tone which is why you get such a flawless perfected finish.Suitable for ALL skin types.

Hell yeah!! Now when I saw foundation and concealer in one, I was expecting the product to be one of a thick gloopy consistency, but nope it is as they say very lightweight. When I did apply it, my first initial reaction was Woah this is really rich and in your face. It looked a shade darker than my skin tone but as promised after a few minutes it did settle and adapted to my skin tone leaving me with a dewy luxurious finish.

Clinique Beyond and Perfecting foundation and concealer shade 28 Clove-lauralivinglife
L- Natural Lightning… R- Indoor Lightning

I love this foundation. It did not oxidise at all and blended very well with the other products I used on my face. I would consider this product quite high coverage and as it is a foundation and concealer, using a colour corrector beforehand is not totally necessary . The foundation managed to cover my pigmentation on the sides of my face and around my mouth. It does not feel heavy on my face whatsoever and has managed to last on all day.

As you may know I have very dry skin, so a primer is a must have. With a good primer this product will not cake up on those dry patches.

Clinique do advice you use your fingers to apply the makeup for a flawless look. The first time I applied it I did use my fingers and it did give me a skin like look. But the next day I used my beauty blender sponge and still got the same results, so it’s completely up to you.

This foundation retails at Β£25.00 and can be bought at any store which sells Clinique.

I am not waiting till my sample finishes to go buy the full size. I am sold on this product and will be going out today to get it. This will now become my work office foundation. Even if you have not used a Clinique product before like myself, take advantage of the free 5 day sample and give it a go.

I highly recommend this product lovelies! Have any of you guys bought or sampled this gem? What did you think of it? A hit or miss? I can’t wait to see your comments and I’ll see you in my next post.

Take care

Laura x

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40 thoughts on “My review on Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

  1. Thanks for sharing Laura, when it comes to hair and makeup products, the industries have lagged behind in meeting the needs of women of color. I have tried so many products, some I have settled for, so I will this one as well. Thanks for your insight. I like that provide first-hand testimonies, primarily your own.

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    1. Aww thank you Yvonne! Your so right with some makeup industries not meeting the needs of WOC, hopefully with more promotion this can be looked into more. I’m so glad you found my review helpful, and it is honestly a fantastic product. I hope you like it too x

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  2. I have this foundation too and I love it! Covers everything. I liked the bare skin liquid by bare minerals, but it transferred too much so I was really happy that this stayed put.


  3. I just bought this myself and think it looks great and non-cakey which I always worry about with a fuller coverage foundation! If you go to debenhams they have a promotion on at the moment where if you buy two products, you get a fab little gift set with some great stuff in there! Great post xo


    1. Your so right. But it’s finish is so nice. I even had someone tell me today that they couldn’t believe I have dry skin because it’s not noticeable at all. Woooop woop thank you for letting know Hun, any other Clinique product you think are worth getting? Xx

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      1. Honestly I love Clinique a lot! They’re really good at skincare and if you’re looking for a new eye makeup remover their ‘take the day off’ one is the best I’ve ever used! The moisturiser is also fab and so are the matte lipsticks! I kind of write a lot about clinique on my blog because they’re one of my favourite brands! xo


  4. This foundation looks amazing on you!! Wonderful review. And I totally agree about testing the foundation out for a while before buying it. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried on a foundation in the store only for it to oxidize on me later in the day.


  5. Lauraaaaaa! I love this! My friend has this and she looks freaking amazing as do you! I think I am going to spend some pennies on my lunch break tomorrow with a few bits and will pick up a sample like you say. I am trying to find a foundation to wear daily as I don’t really do make up at work but need to start! x


    1. Aww bless you! Thank you :)) it’s the worst! Especially when the colour is coming off different to the already foundation on your face, and they sometimes don’t even help to try blend it all out! (The struggle is real) xx


  6. And that’s why Clinique is one of my mid-range cosmetic favorites! Unfortunately, they don’t carry my shade for the foundation 😦 . Disappointed as I wanted to try the Clinique foundation really badly too!

    Glad to see that you were helped rather than be pushed to buy a foundation that wouldn’t have been good for you! Sales people in mid – high end cosmetic stores across the pond are trained to push for the pricier stuff even though they may not be the right shade.


    1. Helloo, I’m sorry Clinique don’t carry your shade, I’m pretty sure this range has a wide selection of shades? I always would look at Clinique more of a skincare brand than anything but I’m glad to have tried their foundation and will also be looking at their other products. I totally agree with you at higher end sales people pushing you to buy a product. Especially when they kind of just stand there and look at you just waiting to give in. Which before I would always give in out of embarrassment. What I do now is say that I’m still shopping and I want to walk around and see how the product is settling after a while…. Then RUN! πŸ˜‚. Thank you so much for reading x

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      1. When I saw the Clinique foundation I was in Sephora and I was with another person who outright told me that the shade was not right… I was hoping the Sephora Color IQ could match me to one of their shades too but I’ll give it another go and see if second time’s the charm!


  7. I’ve never got on so well with Clinique’s face creams (dramatically different burned like putting cinnamon on my face!!), but I’ve always wanted to try their make up out – with a free 5 day sample it’s pretty much risk free!


  8. Great review I will look into this. But I too haaaaate when they have to swatch makeup on you in the shop as personally i don’t carry around a handbag makeup bag so whatever they do to me and however it looks has to be taken out onto the streets of london and public transport, I could wipe it off but then I have patchy face so whats worse lol xx


    1. Awwww I completely forgot to reply back to you. I read this last night and thank you for mentioning me. It’s a shame you haven’t got as much as an ecstatic reaction I got from the foundation. Do you think it could be our skin type?xx


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