The Little Boy Who Lost His Name*

The little boy who lost his name book review-

We have got officially 23 days left till Christmas Day, and I don’t know about you but I’m freaking out just a Teensy Winsy bit. I used to think shopping for kids was easy peasy and its more of the adults which is a hassle, but you wouldn’t believe I actually find it to be the other way round.

All year round we are constantly buying our bundles of joys new things, may it be clothes, shoes, toys etc, so when it gets to christmas you can get a bit stumped with new things to get them.

the little boy who lost his name book review-

I was so glad when Lost My Name got in touch with me and kindly gifted me with their top UK selling children’s book: The Boy who Lost His Name.

Lost My Name create powerful stories to give your kids a magical, personalised experience. Their books are designed to make children more clever, curious and kind.


The boy who lost his name is about a brave boy who goes on a journey to track down the missing letters of his name. On his trails he meets lots of fantastic animals, who each give the boy a letter from their name. So for example Ethan (Baby Splod) met an Elephant, Troll, Hippo, Aardvark and a Narwhal.

This would be such a great book to give your little ones as a christmas gift as its not only a beautiful visual book but its a lovely personalised tale book for your child to make them feel even more special.


I’m not even going to beat around the bush… my son is a little narcissist! He is totally obsessed with watching videos of himself and seeing his name printed around the house, so this book is right up his street. I was planning on giving it to him on Christmas Day, but when he saw me taking pictures of the book, he has been all over it like a rash ever since. I can see the book end up being one of his childhood favourites.

So if you are looking for a good story time book for your child preferably aged 0-8, then go online and check out Lost My Name. You can make the gift even better by adding a customised dedication note to your little one, which will be printed on the first page of the book for FREE.

  • You can also choose from three different adventures so the book is more personalised to your child.
  • More than one character has been created for popular letters, so if you buy the book for siblings, they will receive completely new unique characters.
  • The books are currently available in 11 different language versions.
  • The book can be bought in either a Soft Cover (£19.99) or Hard Cover (£29.99) edition.
  • There is no shipping cost


Do you have The Boy who lost his name? What pressies are you buying for your little ones this Christmas?


*I was kindly gifted this book. All views and opinions are of my own

*Photo Credit- LostMyName

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