3 Winter Time Candles

winter candles- lauralivinglfe

I lurrrrrve candles! Especially during the autumnal and winter times, it gives my home such a cosy atmosphere with sweet aromas. Now I’m an odd one because I have areas of my home which I prefer a certain smell coming from them. Such as in the kitchen I like it to smell fresh and linen like. Same goes for the bathroom. The hallway and living room I gear towards lavender or fresh fruity scents. Then in the bedroom, sweet, musky, gourmand scents. Is anyone else like this?

The 3 winter time candles I will be sharing are the ones I’m using in my bedroom.

yankee candle christmas cookie- lauralivinglife


Yum, Yum, Yum, I’m saving this candle to burn until the second week of December. Yes I am being anal! Leave me alone. lol. My reasoning for this is because it smells oh so festive and will really get you in the christmas spirit. Christmas cookie is exactly what it is on the jar, a succulent rich, buttery, sugary, vanilla cookie. Just with the jar open it leaves a nice light aroma around my room, so with it lit I can tell its gonna be intense. This large jar will provide 110-150 hours of burning time! Woop Woop!

tuscany candle gingerbread house-lauralivinglife


We only need to go through a couple blog post back to see I have a serious obsession with the scent of Ginger Biscuit . Gingerbread house comes through for my addiction. Smelling similar to cinnamon spice with the cinnamon, spicy nutmeg and brown sugar, its the vanilla that overpowers them and gives out the fresh baked biscuit aroma.

tuscany candle cinnamon spice-lauralivinglife


If you saw my November Favourites you would of saw this gem featured. I have been burning this everyday for nearly a week for at least 4 hours each tim and its no where near finish. With 50 hours of burning time, this will last me for a good minute. As I write out this post, I have it lit in the background and i feel like i’m in cinnamon spice heaven. You will mostly smell, vanilla bean, spicy nutmeg, sweet allspice and rich brown sugar. I’m suddenly very hungry!

OK, if you are still reading this and haven’t thrown up with all that sweet sickly talk, you the real MVP! What candles are you burning this winter? What are your favourite winter scents?

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*All the prices for these candles are from Clinton’s where I bought them.

24 thoughts on “3 Winter Time Candles

  1. Girrrrl that sugar cookie candle is everything 😍 between that & my vanilla bean Noel body lotion & mist from B&BW, me and my aptmt smell like a big batch of sugar cookies

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