Hey Guys, Today sparks the beginning of a brand new year and as we all step into the new year, with new ideas, prospects and self change, I just wanted to write a letter to myself in 2016. You are not obliged to read this, as I am just pretty much talking candidly to myself. I do treat my blog as a personal diary that I plan too look back on one day and it would be nice to see what I told myself all those many years ago. I hope 2017 is a blessed year for all you and any dreams and wants you have been working hard for really do come true for you in 2017! Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me since I started my blog on January 31st and I cant wait to share and laugh with you all for another year.

Dear Laura

OK so its safe to say 2016 was a speedy year. From the all the betrayal and hurt you dealt with in 2015, I have to applaud you on really cutting out the negative energy that was bringing you down. Its no secret before Baby Splod was born that you pretty much lived in a pink glittery bubble and didn’t take life all to seriously. You wasted your time, gossiping, not being very smart and generally not taking your life seriously enough. It was always the case of “Oh whatever will be, will be” Which in a sense is very true, but sitting and waiting never brings results any quicker. But boy oh boy did you wake up this year. You are much bolder, confident and really working towards your goals.

Patience. Something you have always suffered with. You haven’t been completely cured but I give it to you that if you have been working on it so much and you are definitely getting better. Although I would say Baby Splod deserves a lot credit for getting you to where you are now.

Friendships. This year was all about OUT with the toxic and IN with the brand spanking new. Going through that tumultuous time you went through with those ‘so called friends’ you really guarded yourself and too be honest I was worrying whether being a loner was in your horizons. But through the passion of blogging you met 4 gorgeous blogging queens (one of them is your cousin, so doesn’t really count lol) that you can genuinely call friends. To think by this time next week you will all be coming back from a fun, boozy weekend in Paris completely blows my mind. Thank you girls for showing that you cant paint everyone with the same brush. I am so happy I met you all!

Family. You’ve always been treated like a princess…baby… basically you never really had to deal with the ‘REAL WORLD’ and to be honest you could of easily crashed and burned when you saw what life really consisted off. But family never drifted or let you suffer on your own. When you fell down they didn’t run as they usually would and pick you up, but instead stood back and reassured you that you can pick yourself up, and guess what you did. Without your families interference but constant guide and love, its made you a much stronger person and I am internally grateful for each and everyone of you.

Blogging. Thank God you started blogging, You have always had an worrying addiction for all things beauty. Just thinking about all the reckless shopping you used to do that are no where to be seen and could of made great photography makes your blood boil. lol. But on a positive you’ve taking a hobby and made it into a little career. This blog has been a good outlet for you too express yourself and your interest. Now Laura, your header also mentions Lifestyle and Parenting. 2017 is the year for you to seriously think about whether you actually want to incorporate more lifestyle and parenting post into your blog, or just drop the two and pay more attention to beauty. Next year is all about consistency. I want to thank all the brands I had the pleasure of working with this year. I was extremely lucky to be approached by a brand no longer than two months into blogging and if that wasn’t a booster to my self esteem in regards to my blog then I don’t know what is. Next Year I want to aim to be more forward and direct with brands that I would like to work with. Sitting and waiting around for people to come to you is so 2016… Bigger and Better Here I come!

Laura to conclude, your world is your oyster. I want you to use 2017 to your full capabilities and fully reach out the stars. You are Bright, Bold and Beautiful and there is nothing you cant achieve without putting your all into it.

2017 I am coming for you BIATCH!


16 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MYSELF IN 2016

  1. I absolutely love this and how open and honest you have been. I haven’t known you for that long but I am glad to have met you girls through blogging also. Here’s to a great New Year and we can toast to this on the weekend! X

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