My MAC Lipliners + Lip Swatches

Hey Beauts, now this is going to be a long one, because as you know I love me some MAC everything. I have so many lip liners from so many brands but I always go back to my MAC liners as they are so versatile and simply the best. I can use them alone to fill my whole lips, I can use them to create a different colour with another lipstick and I also use them to create an ombre lip when I’m in a bold mood. YOU GO GIRL!

So continue reading to see all the liners of Mac I currently have and also the pictures are of me using the liner for my whole lips, to give you guys a better and full look of how great they are.


mac oak


Oak lip liner was bought as a supposed similar colour to Mac’s cork. I’m not quite sure what made the girl working there think that both colours were alike but I got it anyway as they didn’t have cork in stock. To say I was pissed when I tried this on was an understatement. Wearing it on its own as you can see looks like I’m on the white stuff or going for that ugly nude lip look. As I have dark skin I just cant pull this lip colour off, with out using a lipstick. The good thing about oak is that if I want to use one of my lipstick and make it look lighter, Oak is a good undertone colour to apply beforehand. Oak is a very neutral light peachy brown colour. To wear alone it would suit fair to tanned skinned girlies, and team it with a gloss for a slick subtle look.


Mac Nice n Spicy


Nice ‘n’ Spicy is the older mature experienced sister to oak. I love this liner. Mac definitely got the name of this gem correct. I feel like a spicy nugget when I have this on. I can wear it alone and also with another lipstick if I want it to look more creamier. This liner is very pigmented so I tend to use lipsticks like MAC shy Girl and Hug me, which are a bit lightweight on my lips to give it more of a prominent colour. Nice ‘n’ Spicy is so pigmented because its a pro longwear, so its nice, creamy and long lasting. The colour is a browny nude with a rosy undertone. I would say that this liner would suit all skin types.


mac chestnut


Chestnut is a dark chocolate brown liner. This highly pigmented liner blends effortlessly and can be paired with just about every nude lipstick. If I wear this alone, its always in the autumn and winter time. Wearing red lipsticks on top of this colour will transform the lipstick into a more dark vampy colour. Its really good for muting bright colours. It doesn’t pull or tug at the lips and has a great lasting staying power. I without fail use this liner every single day, or at least every time I wear lipstick. This is always in my makeup bag.


mac more to love


More to love is another pro longwear colour. Its a rich, bright, pinky mixed with a hint of a purple colour. (The picture doesn’t do it justice) This colour instantly brightens my face as its quite out there. I wont lie but it does dry up on my lip funnily, so I use this with a lipgloss. It lasts a very long time on my lips, and I only need to retouch maybe once throughout the day. As I’ve already said its very brightening and would recommend woman with dark skin tones to not wear with any other lipstick. I remember the time I decided to put Mac Candy Yum Yum on top of it, and I welcomed back Bobo the Clown again…. Just saying Dont!


Mac Currant


Oooooh Currant. A replica of a ripened dark berry, currant hits all the right spots for me. Craving a dark wine or fancy a plum? That’s the colour of currant for you. Its very vampy and worn alone, you will stand out like a sore thumb. It goes perfect with burgundy, red, berry colours, and is great to use if you are going for a ombre look. Used purely as a liner, you are left with exquisite crisp edges. your lips will look full and plump. Almost good enough to eat, you may say.


Mac cherry


I love this gorgeous lip liner. I’m not sure if I was recommended this lip liner with Mac Russian Red or Ruby Woo, but it works great with both lipsticks. It’s a stunning red, basically cherry colour with blue undertones, and makes your teeth look all pearly white. I use this light handed as its so pigmented and rich. Although it does stain a glass if I’m drinking, it stays on my lips for 6+ hours. It really intensifies any lipstick you pair with it, and if you use a matte red lipstick, it gives you an old Great Gatsby era look. this liner will suit all skin tones.


mac cork


Now every woman of colour can raise their hands to this, that when it comes to lining your lips when your wearing nude colour, that cork always gets reached for. If you don’t agree, you are seriously missing out, Haha. If you are going for a nude look and don’t apply this liner, you are in danger of having that dark line around your lips, which just ruins the look completely. Cork is straight up a brown colour, and worn on its own is screaming 90s vibe all the way! Applying lip balm before will go a long way. The texture is so soft and creamy. Another benefit and hit with this pencil is it can really calm a really bright lip colour down. I love wearing this with Mac Mocha and Viva Glam V. In terms of skin tones, WOC and tanned ladies going for a grungy look can make this work.


mac mahogany


The best way to describe this liner, is its a browny, red, burgundy colour. As a lighter choice to Chestnut, it can be applied on its own with a clear lip gloss. As with the other liners, it sharpens well and can be worn during the day, night, to work or for a night out. This colour definitely works best with women of colour and flatters very well with other lipsticks.

So those are my current MAC lip liner collection, and I’m damn sure I will be getting many more. As they say “If it ain’t broke dont fix it”. Do you guys have any of these liners? What lipsticks do you use with them? What liners would you recommend me to get? Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post!



31 thoughts on “My MAC Lipliners + Lip Swatches

  1. Laura, whatever you say, your lips are to kill for (so now just sit back and relax, hahah). Seriously, you can rock almost any colour and shade. I especially like the cherry one, I think it’s a truly great complement to your flawless skin. Btw, have you ever thought about doing some YT makeup tutorials? That could be really interesting.

    Lots of love,

    P.S. Thank you for following me back on Twitter ❤


    1. Haha!!! Ok ok I won’t complain anymore! You are tooooooooo sweet. I think everyone can rock most shades just have to pick the right one! 😊 lol do you no what I’m too shy to put myself in front of a camera. Hopefully maybe one day lol. Thank you so much for reading!! Xxx


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