What’s In My Handbag

Hello Lovelies, Hope you are all doing well and OK. Today I thought I would do a what’s in my handbag post. I love checking people blogs who do these kind of posts, as its always fascinating to see what us gals have in our bags. Its also a chance to be Uber nosey! The bag I am currently using is a Biba bag, which I got from House Of Fraser. I love Biba bags as they are so big and you can fit so much into them, with out it looking like your carrying a suitcase around. Also their collection is very neutral with black and gold detailing which just screams so chic and sophisticated to me. They sell so much more than bags, like clothes, home ornaments, home-ware etc. So be sure to check them out. Lets get straight into it.


Obvious one really. No one can go anywhere without their purse. Its where I store all my various cards like my credit and debit cards, my boots advantage card, my house of Fraser recognition card, cash, coins, little post it notes with important information and how could I forget my number one… my Nandos card! HAHA


This is a must have… the chronic headache I get when I’m outdoors and I wash my hands then look in my bag to see I have forgotten my hand cream. UGH ABSOLUTE TORTURE. My hands need to be constantly moisturise. Seeing the dry whites in that skin between your first and second finger is simply NOT THE ONE! The annoying thing is that everyone always knows I have hand cream on me, so it always gets used up quite quickly.


I love anything stationary, especially pens. coloured pencils, highlighters, felt tips, you name it I love them. Sharpie pens are so colourful and bright and I love using them when I’m coming up with blog post ideas, as it just makes my notebook so bright and cute. The only default is that the colour does soak through the page, so I cant really use the next page very much.


No lie guys, my nose drips constantly 365 days a year! I don’t know what it is but spring, summer, autumn and winter my nose is like a water fountain. I’ve tried every medication going to no avail. So I always have to carry tissues with me, or it just ends up being a pitiful snotty mess.


Many bloggers can agree me with me, that it is very wise to carry a notebook with you. At the most random times you can come up with a good blog idea, a perfect introduction, or a funny wording which will have your readers chuckling. So its very handy for me to always carry my notebook.


Since I owned my first handbag. I’ve always carried a bible. I’m not overly religious, but its something my mum always told me to carry and its just stuck with me ever since. Its so weird because if I do change my handbag and forgot to pack my bible, I do freak out a bit thinking something bad might happen to me. Its become my little protection somewhat.


To all my UK ladies, you feel me with the hairbrush right!? You can spend 30 mins perfecting your locks to step out to British weather for it to completely ruin it in 0.2 seconds. That’s where our hairbrush comes in. Brushing it on the bus, once I get into work, and then on the bus back home from work. I need to have my hairbrush.


Frankly you just don’t know what the day will have in store for you, and as you can see above if I look in my handbag to see my hand cream is not in there INSTANT HEADACHE! But in all seriousness its always good to carry a pack around with you, just as you never know when you just might need it.


Working in London, its quite understandable how high the rates of London Transport is. So I get a weekly travel card just for a little discount somewhere. But recently I’ve stopped using it as I’ve noticed using your contact less card is actually cheaper. Got to save the pennies as much you can guys!


I have the ultimate sweet tooth and you can read here. Honestly that featured picture is not really doing it justice with just how much sweets I have in bag. Its borderline ridiculous and I’m pretty sure I’m due to get dentures any time now! I love any kind of SWEETS. Bon Bons, Sour, liquorice, hard boiled, fizzy, literally any kind. I am addicted!


If you saw in my January post here. I don’t go nowhere without my Vaseline. Vaseline is such a multi purpose product that it can be used for various things. Mostly used on my lips, it can also come into use to cream my hands in desperate measures. I love my Vaseline!


I never remember to touch up my make-up when I’m out and about, but its always something I keep in my handbag just in case. I will always carry a travel size container filled with any liquid foundation I am currently using. my setting powder, a powder brush, two different lipstick with one being a bold lip colour and another being a nude and also two different lip-liners which are always from MAC, and a make-up sharpener for when I need to sharpen the liners.

So there we go. Is that a lot to carry in one bag?? What do you carry in your make-up bag? How many times do you change your handbag, or are you just like me and usually wait till its broken? Thank you so much for reading guys and I’ll see you in my next post.



30 thoughts on “What’s In My Handbag

  1. Hahaha I am rolling at the white ashiness between the fingers not being the one!! The truth here is so strong it is baptising me with holy fire!!!! I love your purse I pat Butcher looooove leopard print. I feel I have almost exactly the same stuff in my own bag! X


  2. This is nothing! My bag always feels like it’s weighing me down but there isn’t that much in it! LOL! It’s so essential to have hand cream and carmex in my bag and you are so right with the hair brush girl! It’s actually peak in London! Great post Hun x


    1. Loool you no about that Carmex boo init! I like wearing it on its own without lippie, or I’ll react to it. London is peaker than peak!!!

      What’s wrong with your WordPress. Every time I follow you it’s automatically takes it off again?? X


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