My Beauty Spending Ban- Results + Tips

beauty spending ban results and tips

One month? Is that it? It might seem like nothing, if you are not a serial makeup addict, but I am and my beauty spending was getting beyond ridiculous. So I decided to give myself a challenge and go a whole month without buying any beauty products. My only exception was if I ran out of any of my skincare products then I would purchase them, because well… I’m not going to become dry and ashy all for the sake of a challenge.

beauty spending ban results and tips on how to survive a spending ban and ways to save money on beauty products


I can not believe I went 31 days without buying any makeup! Guess what? After one week of constantly thinking about the fact that I was not allowed to buy any makeup it was plain sailing after that. It was about 15 days in when I walked into boots as a shortcut to my actual destination and did not feel the temptation or the urge to even look at products that I seriously questioned whether I have been well and truly cured!

What about the products, if any, that you used up?

So I ran out of three products which were my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Cream, my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner and my MAC Eyebrow Pencil. Now above I did say I would make an exception if any of my skincare products ran out, but you know what, I didn’t go and purchase another face cream. Instead I rummaged through my endless skincare drawer and found my Fashion Fair ‘Oil free’ Moisturiser that I used to swear by and started using it again. Surprisingly I have now actually found it to be more agreeable to my summer foundations and have seen that it gives me more of a glowy look!

Running out of the Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel gave me the chance to finally use my Inglot 77 eyeliner gel that I bought 3 MONTHS AGO ! The gel is super creamy and applies easily, plus its super black. The only downfall is that I think there is an ingredient in the formula that doesn’t agree with me, I found that inner corner of my eyes get super itchy when the liner is applied there. So when my ban was over I did go and re purchase the Maybelline gel.

Now with the MAC eyebrow pencil, I only used to use it to line and shape my brows before filling it in with my Benefit Ka Brow Gel. Having ran out of it, gave me the chance to use my brow liner brushes and practice using the Ka Brow Gel application brush to line and shape them with the gel instead. I think I have mastered it and have not only saved myself some extra minutes having to not use two products but also £14.50 because I don’t need to buy the pencil anymore.



As you can see I survived pretty well and managed to use forgotten products or master new skills in the process. So here are my tips to survive a spending ban

  • On every Sunday of the month, put £10 in your piggy bank or store it somewhere (where you will remember) and think about what you can spend that £40 on when the ban is over.
  • (For the strong willed) If you are a online shopper like myself, go onto your favourite sites and start wish listing products you want to treat yourself too once the ban is over. But don’t go overboard and whatever you do don’t press the checkout button!
  • Go through your makeup stash and start using your forgotten products. You bought them for a reason before didn’t you?
  • Also take the time to throw out makeup you don’t use and wont use again. They may have expired or maybe you didn’t like them. if the later don’t forget to clean them up if you plan on selling them (Depop) or giving them to family or friends.
  • Think about stuff you could be doing with the money you spend on beauty products you don’t essentially need. I for one really need to get my driving sorted before September, so laying of spending money on makeup can go in paying for my driving lessons instead.
  • You know all those times you have used your reward/ loyalty cards in Boots, Superdrug etc, have you actually checked how much points you have accumulated over time? I went online to check my boots points and I have £30 worth of points on my card! So always remember you can use your points card.

Hopefully these tips can help you, if you ever plan on going on a beauty spending ban. Now excuse me while I go buy another palette that I oh so desperately need… 😉


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Have you been on a spending ban? How long did you last?





21 thoughts on “My Beauty Spending Ban- Results + Tips

  1. I’ve recently done a no buy month too and realized just how many impulse purchases I make! It is definitely a great thing to do once in a while for the sake of your bank account and to make you realize how much other stuff you have that you can use that lays forgotten all the time. Great post!

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  2. I do a ‘shop my stash’ when I need to spend less on makeup – I look through my collection and choose products I haven’t used in a while for my everyday makeup. It means it kinda feels like I’m using new stuff and I’m less tempted to buy more :p

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  3. You did amazing! These are such good points to remember when doing this too! I have not survived one – ONE spending ban yet. I always break them, I’m ridiculous. However, when it comes to next month maybe I’ll try again and come back to this post for a safety reminder of what I need to do! I bet the wait after that month, feels amazing spending money on the products you’ve wanted.

    Taylor Jane ox

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