Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils + Lip Swatches

Who uses their Lip Liners not only to line their lips but also for their whole lip!? I DO! MAC in particular have so many lip liners that work fantastic as a whole lip colour, which you can check here. As per usual I was roaming through Beauty Bay as you do and came across Gerard Cosmetics new Lip Pencil range. After seeing the beautiful colours and the description of the pencils, you know your girl clicked the add to basket so fast and let go of her hard ass coins!

After going through the colours they had launched at the time: Cher, Nude, Peachy Keen and Immortal, i decided to go for Cher and Nude. Below is a description taken from Beauty Bay about Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils.


A creamy lip pencil that frames and colours the pout.

A blendable, lightweight texture ensures that the perfect shape can be achieved whilst an innovative formula results in longevity of the created style. Offering buildable coverage, Gerard Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil imparts high colour-payoff and works well as both a lip liner and an overall hue.



Not bashing my male designers, but you just know that Gerard Cosmetics is created by women because the design and packaging is so chic and sexy. The box is black with a glossy gold writing of GC (Gerard Cosmetics) and the pencil itself is a shiny glossy gold with the bottom part of the pencil being the colour of the pencil you have. Very cute packaging.


The formula is tick tick boom! I feel like i overly abuse the word pigmented in my blog, but truth is, if you aint pigmented don’t even bother looking my way. The pigmentation is real which explains the longevity. Its also so creamy and non sticky whatsoever. It really defines and sculpts my lips and although you can see my lip lines it doesn’t sink in to them. SWEET!


Its times like this when i wish i had a YT page so i can express to you my true facial and body expressions towards my beauty loves. Pretty much picture someone clapping their hands in the air frantically like they are trying to swot a fly! Basically the longevity is LONG! I damn well was questioning whether it was a liquid lipstick without the matte and drying feeling!? When I swatched the pencils on my hands the first time, no word of a lie, there was traces left the next day! (Yes, i did have a shower!).



Initially when i first purchased the lip pencils, they only had 4 colours, they now have 8 colours in total and i pretty much want them all. The colours are versatile and can be worn day or night. They are so ideal for being used alone, as a lip liner or under your fave lipsticks which are similar in colour.


£9.50 is the cost of the pencils on Beauty Bay and its totally worth it and super affordable. They highly complete alongside the likes of MAC and for way cheaper. With its design and the quality of the product I would expect it to be more priced than what it is, so I am very happy that they are kind to our pockets.



Nude on my lips is your typical neutral pinky rose colour. It looks so nice on my melanin skin and not like I’ve been fighting my lips with powdered doughnuts. You can wear this to work, if you are dressed down in casual sports wear and a nice subtle look on a night out.



Now Cher is another rosey colour on my lips but more of a deeper rose. Feeling like a sexy senorita with this colour, when I apply my liquid lipstick on top…. Lord Jesus! Like Tupac’s famous album ALL EYEZ ON ME! Ha!


Gerard Cosmetics is amazing and will continue getting more of their amazing products! Has anyone tried Gerard Cosmetics and what do you think of them? Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.




4 thoughts on “Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils + Lip Swatches

  1. Heyhey Girlllll! How u are you doing! I Love the pencils especially the Cher!😍😍
    It’s very nice and it looks very pretty on you.ThnQ for sharing this brand. nope i didn’t use it yet…So i wi’ll defenitly keep this colors that u used in this review in mind!

    Hugz, Miss B.💋💋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve not yet dared to try lip pencils, such a make up newbie. But I really want to, I’ll check these out. I LOVE good packaging on a product, makes a difference! X X


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