Clinique Mini Haul

Honestly if you see my storage of where I keep all my beauty and skincare products, it’s horrendous. As much as I would love to blame being a blogger for my reasoning for continuously buying and buying more stuff, the truth is even if I wasn’t blogging, it would still look the same.

After being so impressed by the Clinique foundation that I bought, which you can read here. I thought I would give other Clinique products a try and see how I get along. I am still trying to find the perfect skincare regimen to improve my skin complexion and I have heard so many rave reviews on Clinique products doing wonders, so heck why not.

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of skincare products that they had to offer, and as much as I wanted to buy them all, the reality is that I need to watch the pennies and be sensible.

So in the end I purchased just the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing cream. But the woman who was helping me was so nice she gave me two samples, one being the Clinique smart custom-repair serum and the other is the Clinique lipstick.


Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing cream £25.00 50ml

I have fallen in love with this cream so bad its unbelievable. I use it to moisturise before I put on my primer and makeup and I use it sometimes together with a pump or two of the smart custom-repair serum (which I’ll get into) at night. If your skin is beyond dry and when you finish washing your face it feels so pinched and tight, then you need this cream in your life. After I slap (not literally) this delight on my face my face feels so mositursed (obviously) and hydrated. Not that I do face massages or anything like that, but when I attempted to do so to see if my face still felt tight, I was so ecstatic how much my face didn’t hurt and feel like it was about to crack as worse as Humpty Dumpty when he fell of that wall. The cream is very rich in moisture and the formula is claimed to provide all day protection with skin strengthening ingredients that will soothe even the most Sahara desert of skins. I 100% agree and have really seen great results in the last month. I am not sure whether it is the richness of the cream or using the custom repair serum combined but my face looks so much brighter and dare I say I look younger. (To be fair I have been blessed with good genes and still get ask for I.D, so it could be a combination of it all) 😉



Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum *

*crying face emoji* I am honestly speechless about this serum, but figuring that I am blogger and I need to explain to you about things I have come across (that’s the whole point right) I will try my hardest to explain how I feel right now. I. FREAKING. LOVE. THIS. SERUM! What the actual frigggg! Could it be that my skin could be heading towards the NORMAL category and waving bye bye to the dryness? I am trying not to get overly carried away because I am using and trying out a lot of products at the moment, but I am fairly sure it has to be the serum that is making my face smoother than a baby’s bottom… No scrap that! what the hell is smoother than a babies bum, because that’s how my face has been feeling like. I have not had any breakouts and the darker pigmentation I have around my mouth has faded a lot A LOT and is looking less moustache-y. The serum is of a pinky-orangy colour, fragrance free and the texture is of a silky lotion. It is recommended to apply twice daily (morning and night) and only need to apply two pumps into the palm of our hands. Any remnants I have left I use on my neck, and I have noticed that the dark areas of my neck are brightening up and blending to look even to my face skin colour. This serum is not only for all ethnicity, but for all ages. So as I said earlier I can’t part from my young money cash money all willy nilly, so you should of seen the way my eyes nearly pulled out through my sockets when I saw the full price for the serum. For 30 ml it will set you back a whooping £48.00 and for the 50 ml you are looking at £68.00. But if you want to be even more daring for the 100 ml it will cast £110.00. Dang son, but errr hell yeah I will be getting myself the 30 ml and keep stroking the bottle like a genie praying it never ends, but this just needs to be fully bought. How I wish I was a lady of leisure because I would swoop up that 100ml without a second thought.



Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Petal*

To be honest, I have only used this lipstick twice but I will try and wear it more now as the sun is coming out and it is the perfect summer lip colour. Although its described as matte, I don’t find it matte at all and more of a creamy texture. Petal is a bright pink colour, and remind me of a more non neon version of Mac’s Candy Yum Yum. I would highly recommend using a lip liner when using this lippie for my dark skinned girls out there. What I do love is the packaging. It is covered with different kissable coloured lips and sweet nothing words written around them, so cute. My cons with this lipstick is that it really sits and sleeps in my lip lines and I hate that. If you don’t exfoliate your lips beforehand then you could experience peeling of the lipstick as the first coating is quite dense. As I do like to mix my lipsticks up and do combos, I have a few darker shade lipstick that would mix well with this lipstick.

To conclude, Clinique will now be one of my go-to when i’m in dire need of good skincare products. I’m all for supporting new brands and getting their names out there, but sometimes you need to show love to the oldies but goodies. Has any of you guys tried these products, or any clinique products for that matter? What clinique products would you recommend? Thank you so much reading and I’ll see you in my next post.



23 thoughts on “Clinique Mini Haul

      1. My skin is more combination so it’s nice for night for me. If you’ve got dry skin then it’s such a nice cream it’d be good for daytime. Haha you’ve so made me want to try it. I’ll have a look at it next time I’m at the shops☺ no problem great blog xx

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  1. Love love love the lipstick packaging! I have always wanted to try the dramatically different moisturiser! But the serum girl lets talk about THAT because you have got me ready to spend a pretty penny!!! So what actually is the serum meant to do! Is it anti age? Smoothing etc! It sounds great for marks left over by spots? X

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  2. Yes! You’ve tried the skincare! Think I mentioned before that I mainly use Clinique for skincare, although not really for makeup. I’m just working on a post on my skincare routine with Clinique through the year, as I switch up my products depending on the season. I haven’t tried the serum though. Will have to check it out! 😉X

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    1. Yes I am loving Clinique right now. I’m saving up to get their clarisonic brush, as it looks promising. Have you tried it? I will be sure to look out for your Clinique post to get more ideas of products to try. The serum is!!! Highly recommend xx


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