Small Boobs Need Love Too: Little Women Lingerie

Little women lingerie

I have been a part of the Itty Bitty community, well since a teen really and I have battled up and down with whether to get implants or not. Its hard to turn on the TV, look at magazines and go on to social media without seeing the “perfect” big pair of tits staring back at you! I have told myself that if I don’t get my boobs done by my thirtieth birthday then I am just going to give up and live with what god gave me.

Little women lingerie

Then I came across Little Women lingerie. Little Women was launched twenty years ago and just like my frustration they were also bombarded by the constant media coverage in the 90s about how bigger boobs and how “big is better”. Little Women saw that although the UK was averaging that most women bra sizes were a D cup, they knew that a lot of women were measuring AAA, AA, A or B cups.

Their website is aimed at women who are happy with their natural shape and don’t feel the need to conform to having surgery for a bigger bust. They want women to feel and look amazing in their gorgeous specifically designed lingerie and believe women with smaller busts deserve to have the opportunity to wear lingerie that fits.

You would think that it would be easy finding lingerie and swimwear in little sizes but you would be surprised by the amount of time I have gone on the hunt for cute lingerie only to constantly see C and D cups everywhere.

So I was delighted when Little Women gifted me with one their lingerie sets in the style “Hannah”. I was given a Hannah bra and brief.


The Hannah bra is a gorgeous sophisticated bra which has a gorgeous lace butterfly effect that is in the centre of the bra and then complete with a nude mesh base. The bra is cotton lined and is non wired. This is such a go to bra for when you want to feel mega comfortable and relaxed without having to worry about getting your boobs to look bustful and big.  The material of the bra is 75% Polyamide, 15% Lycra and 10% Cotton. The briefs are exactly the same like the bra and honestly it feels so soft and just sits right on my tush. The nude mesh and the black lace makes me feel so feminine and sexy when I have them on. The straps on the bra are comfortable too and are adjustable to your liking.

I am so happy that Little Women have created a brand for smaller bust girls, because small boobs do deserve love too. I think a lot of people can be insecure about their breasts if they are small, because social media doesn’t really praise them or promote it enough for people to just feel comfortable in their skin. For me Little Women is not just for women who have a smaller bust, but its also for young teens who are going through the transition of girl to young woman and need the reassurance to know that their breasts do matter and that there is a brand who can meet their needs.


Little Women stock a wide range of styles for women ranging in 28 to 40 AA, A and B cup sizes. They also have an exclusive range of AAA bra sizes in 32 to 40. They stock well known brands such as Triumph, Sloggi, Silhouette, Bloomers etc and they are carefully selected to offer gorgeous styles in small cups for their costumers.

I am overall happy with this stunning bra and brief set from Little Women and I   urge for my fellow smaller bust girls to give them a go to.


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Have you tried Little Women Brand before?





*I was kindly gifted this lingerie set. All views and opinions are of my own.


13 thoughts on “Small Boobs Need Love Too: Little Women Lingerie

  1. I am secure with my boobies, because I came form the generation when it wasn’t that important. To me the natural size is so much nicer weather natural is small or large. It is certainly healthier to not get a boob job. In my opinion its about being genuinely happy with yourself. Today’s generation is pressured by big boobs, butt, lips… get the gist. I like the fact the bra mentioned doesn’t have a wire. I have a blog on wired bras. I’d love if you read it. Lace bras are cute, but I hate because most lace bras don’t look great through your tops. The lace has a tendency to make your top look bumpy.

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  2. I am for the first time on your blog and I ADORE IT!
    I am a part of the itty bitty comunity and in Croatia is not hard to find smaller bra. The real problem is finding matching panties three sizes up. My pair shape is killing me!

    Sorry on my bad english!

    Have a nice day! ♥

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  3. I reminded in my late teens trying on every wonderbra and opting to buy the one that made me look the biggest. It’s so ingrained in society that women need big boobs in order to be sexy. Completely untrue though and it’s great that brands like this are proving it.
    Love your blog as well by the way. You post on really diverse and interesting topics. x

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    1. Thank you so much laura! Society and the media really had me in a bubble for the longest time that my small boobs were not cute or desirable. I’m glad I don’t feel this way anymore and hope other “small boob” gals know they are perfect the way they are xx

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